Bad Speech Analysis

Question One

The speaker seeks to target persons with interest in the marketing industry as she focuses on different types of markets as well as their features.

Question Two

The speaker commences by stating her name and the topic she seeks to address in the speech. I can define the attention getter as being basic and fails to capture the attention of the audiences wholly.

Question Three

The speaker has employed different examples to highlight the features of the marketing industry. She focuses on areas such as direct marketing, forms of marketing, considerations in marketing and other factors. She offers comprehensive coverage of different media fields in marketing.

Question Four

Nonetheless, she fails to use symbols and gestures. On the contrary, she keeps touching her hair and face which indicates that she fears the audiences or unsure of her topic. She further fails to maintain eye contact with the audiences which would have come in handy in cementing her ideas.

Question Five

The end of the speech is not as strong as it ought to be. Ending the speech need to include engaging the audiences, determining their inquiries or questions they have on the speech. It allows for clarification of complex areas in the speech and further ensures that the audiences get the message.

Question Six

There is no presentation aids in the speech. It would have been beneficial to include visual and audio elements to support the information in the speech. Such presentations are also effective and make it possible to remember the content of the speech.

Question Seven

The delivery of the speech is ineffective and has minimal impacts on the audiences. The speaker fails to create a strong connection with the audiences by having an effective attention getter. She also fails to maintain eye contact or use gestures to supplement her speech. The speech indicates that there is a disconnection between the audiences and the customers.

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