Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Many individuals believe that narcotic drugs are dangerous for our health. Because of that, individuals grow up abiding by the laws set by the government and other regulating bodies to shun the usage of narcotics just because the law states so. Individuals who develop critical thinking and analysis begin to challenge the set laws by basing their opposition and evidence gathered from research activities. Often, the regulations set by the government on certain drugs is biased and primarily based on moral obligations and ethical responsibility. Marijuana use has been a controversial topic over a long time. Some states have taken a step to legalize marijuana and advance the use of medical marijuana. Some people argue that the use of marijuana has some adverse effects on people’s health; however, minds in a contemporary environment have confirmed that the benefits of marijuana as a medicinal drug outweigh the adverse effects related to its use. Scholarly articles show that marijuana has many benefits. The benefits can stem from improving physical he

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