Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Many individuals believe that narcotic drugs are dangerous for our health. Because of that, individuals grow up abiding by the laws set by the government and other regulating bodies to shun the usage of narcotics just because the law states so. Individuals who develop critical thinking and analysis begin to challenge the set laws by basing their opposition and evidence gathered from research activities. Often, the regulations set by the government on certain drugs is biased and primarily based on moral obligations and ethical responsibility. Marijuana use has been a controversial topic over a long time. Some states have taken a step to legalize marijuana and advance the use of medical marijuana. Some people argue that the use of marijuana has some adverse effects on people’s health; however, minds in a contemporary environment have confirmed that the benefits of marijuana as a medicinal drug outweigh the adverse effects related to its use. Scholarly articles show that marijuana has many benefits. The benefits can stem from improving physical health to improving the economy of our nation. By legalizing marijuana because of its medical benefits, the rate of crime will drop. The above reasons testify why marijuana should be legalized and why its medicinal use should be funded, studied and explored so that we could see more utilization of the benefits that come with the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Conservative individuals have hesitated to accept the fact that marijuana has many medicinal benefits. Due to improvements in science, innovations and experiments show that marijuana has unexplored benefits that can be managed and controlled scientifically to benefit human beings. Health benefits are numerous and exist in a big range. Medicinal marijuana has been prescribed to patients ailing from diabetes to cancer and many people’s surprise; the results have been big and exponential (Szumski and Karson 39). For a very long time, this illness has had no cure in the management lacked control. Medicinal marijuana has been used to contain pain in illnesses. It has been used to suppress pain.

Patients suffering from certain illness such as HIV/AIDS have seen great improvements. Medicinal marijuana can be used to suppress hunger. It is a stimulant used to regulate patients who have problems with the appetite of food (Casarett 53). Patients can gain higher energy levels and more nutrients into their bodies. Medicinal marijuana assists in healing the respiratory system and rectifying people who have had asthma attacks. It increases the rate of an individual’s heartbeat making them active. The beneficial effects of medicinal marijuana outweigh the bad that’s why the use of medicinal marijuana should be legalized and utilized.

The economic advantages of legalizing marijuana are paramount to a nation’s economy. It can prove to be a significant source of revenue for government entities. As seen from certain states revenue from the use of marijuana can go up to billions of US dollars (Gillard 81). Criminals related to the use and abuse of marijuana of been expensive to the government which pays heavily in detaining them.

In conclusion, many people feel like it is not okay to legalize marijuana. When used in an environment that is not medically controlled, marijuana can affect the mental health of those who use it wrongly. The government feels obligated and responsible for taking care of its citizens and protect them from self-harm such as drug abuse. Therefore, the informed few who advocate for the use of medicinal marijuana are ignored. The people and the government should come together and create mechanisms that will avert the adverse effects that emerges from the wrong use of marijuana but instead support the medicinal use of marijuana.



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