Berlin Street Art

Berlin Street Art

Most people are of the view that the history of art is as old as the history of humanity. Art and graffiti have existed for the longest time possible. Dash offs on walls are regarded as the first form of artistic expressions. This aspect is viewed by many people as the first evidence of creativity by man which has survived until the present day. However, it was not until the early 1990s that street art and graffiti became a cultural phenomenon (Ferrell, Jeff 39). Historically, Street art and graffiti had two critical importance. The first was to express discontent. People who felt dissatisfied with anything in life sought to express their thoughts through street art and graffiti. The second importance is that art and graffiti was a way of creating awareness of sociopolitical issues (Christensen et al., 602). This could have been attained on a local or communal level depending on the scope of the awareness. Although street art and graffiti are inseparable, the Berlin wall is the birthplace of local street art culture.

Association of Berlin Stories with the street art Culture

It is without doubts that the Swiss writer Robert Walser Berlin Stories gives an overview of the culture of Germans living in Berlin. Ideally, this collection of prose pieces of Robert Walser was written in Berlin. If this is not the case, we can comfortably say that the collection drew on his Walser's experience of living in Berlin. Walser's Berlin Stories point out about the Germany capital city's culture. Written between 1907 and 1916, The Berlin Stories does give an accurate account of street art (Harman, Mark 140). Berlin stories talks more about painters' galleries that amused Robert Walser during his visit to Berlin. After arriving in the city of Berlin, Walser accounts that he was amused by the painter's galleries in the street. These galleries had different subject matter which portrayed a different meaning.

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