Big Five verses MBTI

Utility and proliferation of the use of Big Five and MBTI as psychological instruments


This paper examines the benefits of Big Five and MBTI as psychological instruments concerning science and practical applications. It also focuses on the limitations of the same personality traits. It is important to note that through anecdotes, the paper illustrates the use of both personality model bearing in mind the scientific application and everyday life. Most fundamentally, arguments and analysis of the facts reveal that MBTI is the best model to be used when understanding an individuals’ personality.

Benefits associated with Big Five as psychological instruments

The primary advantage of Big Five as a psychological instrument is its potential to get the much-needed outcomes, which focuses on understanding an individual better. Equally, it is a vital tool for self-awareness and which contribute immensely to the functioning relationships. Generally, the Big Five Trait is a structure of personality. This particular psychological instrument came as a result of the need to investigate the essential components of character. The five broad traits that constitute the theoretical framework are openness, conscientiousness, extroversion/introversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. When it comes to an understanding of the benefits of Big Five model the question that lingers our mind is which personality traits does scientist and technicians possess? One significant advantage of Big Five is its universalism between many cultures and equally its stability taking into consideration the aspects of age limits. Arguably, the Big Five factors are necessary embedding, that is to say, the incorporation of data scientists lingo. Typically having been employed in Infamous Cambridge Analytical in the Brexit as well as the US presidential campaigns, one clear thing is that openness is one crucial character of the data scientist. For data analytics, it looks like the high O is critical since it allows them to expand and study hard science. Speaking of practical benefits of Big Five, social media has become a primary component when it comes to the distribution of information as well as consumption. As examined by Dixon, (2017), social media flourishes on self-promotion as a means to advertise individuals as opposed to groups. Besides, self-disclosure is a unique element that is social media platforms. Research and studies on personality traits using the Big Five conc

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