BIOS 105 Week 3 Quiz

  1.   (TCO6) There are __________ vertebrae in the neck region.
  2.   (TCO6) Which of these bones is NOT a long bone found in the leg:
  3.   (TCO6) Fingers and toes are referred to as:
  4.   (TCO6) The factor(s) that determine where bone matrix is to be remodeled is (are):
  5.   (TCO6) Which is the correct order of ribs, from superior to inferior:
  6.   (TCO6) Articulations permitting only slight degrees of movement are ____, whereas articulations permitting no movement are called _______.
  7.   (TCO7)Which of the following muscles are antagonists:
  8.   (TCO7) Acetylcholine is:
  9.   (TCO7) A sarcomere is:
  10. (TCO7) Muscle tissue that has involuntary regulation of contraction is:
  11. (TCO6) The axial skeleton contains which of the following
  12. (TCO7) Which of these events must occur first to trigger the skeletal muscle to generate an action potential and contract: