BIOS 105 Week 4 Midterm

  1.   (TCO8) The vital centers for the control of visceral activities such as heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, swallowing, and vomiting are located in the:
  2.   (TCO8) Impulse conduction is fastest in neurons that are:
  3.   (TCO8) The neuron processes that normally receive incoming stimuli are called:
  4.   (TCO8) The fibrous outermost tunic seen anteriorly as the “white of the eye” is the:
  5.   (TCO8) The three sets of color receptors within the retina are sensitive to wavelengths of visible light that are:
  6.   (TCO9) An enlargement of the thyroid gland resulting from a deficiency of dietary iodine is called:
  7.   (TCO9) The body’s major metabolic hormone is called:
  8.   (TCO9) Most endocrine organs are prodded into action by other hormones; this type of stimulus is called:
  9.   (TCO7) Which one of the following is composed of myosin protein:
  10. (TCO6) A bone fracture where the bone is broken into many fragments is a:
  11. (TCO5) Which of the following is an indication of melanoma:
  12. (TCO4) Which type of tissue conducts electrochemical impulses:
  13. (TCO3) Which of these characteristics best describes cardiac muscle tissue:
  14. (TCO2) The atomic number of an atom reveals the number of:
  15. (TCO1) Which of the following is the correct order of elements in a control system: