BIOS 105 Week 6 Quiz

  1.   (TCO10) Which chemical is released to bring about vasoconstriction during the vascular spasm phase of hemostasis:
  2.   (TCO10) Which of the following is a blood clotting disorder:
  3.   (TCO10) Which one of the following groups consist of granulocytes:
  4.   (TCO10) Which one of the following represents the proper sequence of hemostasis:
  5.   (TCO10) The body’s first line of defense against the invasion of disease-causing microorganisms is:
  6.   (TCO10) The universal recipient has blood type:
  7.   (TCO10) The lymph organ that programs T cells and functions at peak levels only during youth is the:
  8.   (TCO10) What specific type of acquired immunity do vaccines provide:
  9.   (TCO11) Pulmonary veins:
  10. (TCO11) A heart rate of over 100 beats per minute is called:
  11. (TCO11) The path of blood flow within the systemic vascular system is:
  12. (TCO11) Veins: