BIOS 255 Week 5 Quiz

  1.  (TCO4) What is the major difference between lymph and interstitial fluid? (Points : 2)
  2.  (TCO4) Lack of resistance is also known as (Points : 2)
  3.  (TCO4) Which of the following is an INCORRECT matching of immune system cells and their function? (Points : 2)
  4.  (TCO4) Which type of allergic reaction is mediated by T cells? (Points : 2)
  5.  (TCO4) Which of the following is NOT an effect of aging on the immune system? (Points : 2)
  6.  (TCO4) Which cells increase the permeability of blood vessels by releasing histamine? (Points : 2)
  7.  (TCO4) Artificial passive immunity is associated with which of the following? (Points : 2)
  8.  (TCO4) Which part of the body is drained from the right thoracic duct? (Points : 2)
  9.  (TCO4) In which part of the thymus are T cells thought to undergo cell death? (Points : 2)
  10. (TCO4) Which anti-microbial substances reduce viral replication (in uninfected cells)? (Points : 2)