Black-ish Concepts


Blackish is an American television series that airs on ABC television with the first series having premiered on the year 2014. This film is based on a family man who is struggling to gain a sense of identity. As a black man, the protagonist in the series is struggling with his efforts to have a sense of cultural identity and race the kids in his neighborhood. The protagonist resides in a neighborhood occupied by upper-middle-class people which are predominantly occupied by the whites., as a black man, DreJohnson is the protagonist who is trying to keep up with the lifestyle of the upper-middle-class people being a black person who has to deal with their dominance of the white people. Blackish have received several applauds as one of the best series that use the reality that takes place in a community, and a society square class and racism is a significant cluster. This artifact has also met positive reviews from the critics who see it as an accurate representation of their societies and something that not many forms of earth or media are willing to show. Even though black-ish target the black audiences, blackish has successfully managed to integrate different castes that have different cultural issues. There are a lot of natural expressions that are seen in the series especially those that are coming as a result of different addresses and differences in class. Some of the cultural aspects or ideas that are cut off in this film include racism and the use of negro as art as well as several political brutalities that are affecting the black communities.


Injustices and intersectionality

Linking different injustices in a social setup can lead to groups with different opinions. In this media artifacts, blackish, Dre and other black people are trying to convert the thread that is posted by racism, operation and has somehow succeeded in going against the idea of bouglsea that comes as a result of the color. These groups of people are showing progress within a society. The mother in this sure is a doctor a woman and a black person that brings the connection of the operation idea that is according to the standard law that brings them together. Several ideas are introduced from the readings, and the lecture, as well as others from the discussion sessions that coincide, wade the media artifact of a blackish tv show. There are several social and political commentary contents founding this show that relates to the ideas that have been read in class. The concept of racism is one that massively dominates the show and focuses on a blog family that is trying to cope up with their neighborhood that is primarily dominated by the white race.

Racism and oppression

The idea of racism is a major concept in this show. Blackish draws several cases of racism that DreJohnson have to face as an upper middle color black American quiz of African decency. The racism of AfricanAmericans that come from variety whose backgrounds is also expressed in this film. The first episode starts with the introduction of the fear that the protagonist regions on have about it this child. He fears that his children are becoming too assimilated to the white surrounding and therefore they are losing the white culture. As an African-American, DreJohnson has several beliefs that are entirely different from what they usually see in the white surrounding. The way they conduct themselves and talk should be different according to dry johnson. However, he is concerned that is children at losing the blood culture and are starting to adopt the white surrounding and lifestyle. This first-episode also addresses the racism that is expressed at the workplace that all the African-Americans have to deal with in the united states. Dre gets excited for a promotion that has been advertised in his advertising agency. However, the position dance award to be 14 the vice president of the company within the urban division. This is why he was questioning whether he was put in charge of the black stuff. Even though such lines do not address racism directly, they are still showing that culture has continuously remained relevant in this context.

The concept of operation and the use of the n-word can be seen in this media artifact in the 25th episode when Jack is performing the song of gold digger done by Kanye West. He goes on and mentions the word nigga. This episode continuously shows the discussion and the general integration of the world that people are living in. There are a multicultural all the united states and how people give a different meaning of words depending on where they come from at the background. The differences can also be seen within the African-Americans themselves. These differences also come as a result of different guidelines and regulations as well as de facto for the meanings that are assigned to the n-word based on the speaker. The word nigga is giving a massive significance if it has been mentioned by a different race apart from the AfricanAmerican race. However, it is usually taken lightly, and with no intentions in case, it has been mentioned by the member of the black race.

In addition to operation and the use of the nigga word, best gays bisexuals and transgenders issues of concepts that have been covered massively in this series especially when considering the differences in their cultures. In the 22nd episode, the ancestor of Dre known as Rhonda has been introduced as someone who is advocating for lesbians. Rwanda has been brought up in a family that is cultured and has been hiding her true identity. As a result, she has been hiding from the truth as she fears of the consequences if she can come out and speak about it openly. The result, she has never officially come out of the family to talk about it with anyone. However, as time goes by the family members starts to figure out that Rhonda is attracted to girls and is leaving separate from the other ladies. Even after this notes, no one can realize or recognize that Rhonda is a lesbian. They also do not want to acknowledge anything like lesbianism or culture that is quite different from what their family members have been used to in the past. Truth episode, the protagonist Dre speaks about homosexuality as a topic that much black community wants to avoid because of the homophobia that has been associated with it for a long time. It is this reason why his sister has never discussed today id of lesbianism. Because of the situation surrounding these different cultures and practices, rather does not invite their family members to the wedding.Operation within different groups can be seen well dealing with lesbians gays bisexual and transgender. Because Rhonda did not come out to mention her sexuality because of the fear that he had for the community, this can be seen as an operation where different groups are meshing together but cannot fight because they feel they are outnumbered. This is the concept of intersectionality that contrast to the ideas of the normal people. The communist manifesto by KarlMarx and Friedrich angels speaks about how communist have been silent in the ideas that have been dominated by other people. In Europe, the specter of communism was being mentioned while other schools of thought have been avoiding it. Nonetheless, the opposition of communities has not been found as people are afraid to speak against it. It is the same as being a different gender where one does not want to talk about a problem that is affecting the home community. As a result, they’re likely to be quiet for a long before it eventually comes out of the people.Calmax addressed the ideas about comedies being already acknowledged by all European powers as power itself. The same could be said about gays and lesbians as the power has begun the movement, and the society is aware of them. This reading also states that it is high time that communities communist had 2 faces the whole world openly and give their views tendencies and aims. Even though the same can be said about gays lesbians and other groups, it is a time that people to acknowledge them and give them their powers on their own.

Police brutality is a concept that is also covered in the book. It is one of the major themes that also talks about different cultures and how people are treated differently because of their skin color and characters. In the 40th episode, hope is soon tackling the brutality by the police and is involved in the campaign of black lives matter. He’s involved with the campaign even if the company is watching and other family members have seen the reports about the young black man who was roughed up by the police people. He’s running to the police shows the ideas behind police brutality and why many black people are always against these people even if they are integrated into the same community. Even though this case was a fictional one, the policemen were introduced and discussed in the family (Cohen,2019). Lady bates are also based on the two sides of the situation where the use of police force has been different. This concept also gives ideas of different generations, ideologies, and other backgrounds. The end of this episode is a message of hope and advantages that people get from the hope importance of protest in a community.

The differences that exist in the cultures is a concept that is also available in the reading of PUNKS, BULLDAGGERS, ANDWELFARE QUEENS: THE RADICAL POTENTIAL OF QUEER POLITICS by Cathy J. Cohen. This reading shows the differences that exist in a community and the discrimination and racism that gay and lesbian people are refusing in the community. This reading focuses on how members of the black community and people who are suffering from HIV aids have become part of the subservient positions in the board (Schmitt, 2018).  This reading she was different emotions that surround the practice of racism and the experiences that lesbians and gays go through the daily community. It also shows how disturbing it is for the lesbians and gays to cope with their political agendas that are based on the right of the civil society (Wilmore,2018). Dominant goals and political correctness surround different communities preventing them from living together as a group. This reading also shows histories that surrounds are a special group and how they come together. The concept of intersectionality gives several ideas that can be seen in these readings and also reflected in the different episodes of blackish. The movie shows how different cultures are struggling to adapt so that they can survive together. The gays and lesbians are struggling to convince the community about themselves even if they are not trying to believe these differences.


In conclusion, this work has looked at different concepts that have been learned in class from the readings and how they relate to the media artifacts that are being addressed. The media artifact that is discussed in this situation is the blackish show that she was various operations of the people and how the concept of intersectionality is reviewed among the black community. This television series gives the struggles of different cultures and how people are always scared of speaking for themselves. Several other ideas and historical concepts about the black and special groups are covered within this television series. Dre, who is the protagonist in the movie is a black man who is struggling to fit his children in a white neighborhood. This is a neighborhood where people have consumed the white  culture, but he is worried that his children are going to consume the white lifestyle and are abandoning the traditions of the black communities. Ideas of operation are also experienced especially at the workplace where the majority of the people occupying their positions are white. This film shows how the community is set up and how people are always struggling to maintain their status or to speak for themselves. The communist manifesto by KarlMarx clear evidence of how a special group such as communist should always speak for themselves and also give their views ideas and opinions.


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