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Human Resource Key Competencies

Operating in a multinational corporation has never been an easy task. There is the presence of varied problems and uncertainties. Compared to national markets, international markets are more dynamic and challenging due to cultural diversities, political realities, and presence of numerous barriers (Guest, 2011). For this reason, Human Resource Directors ought to develop strategies for […]

Task 1: Ethical Leadership

Among the leaders that I feel have demonstrated ethical conduct, there is Dan Price. Dan Price is the CEO and co-founder of Gravity Payments. This is a company involved with credit-card processing and other financial services. Dan Price founded this business in 2004 together with his brother(Murray, 2016). Price started the company while he was […]

Evaluation of the Lease Accounting Proposed in G4+1 Special Report

Financial Accounting Standards Committee The article revolves around the evaluation of the proposed lease accounting in the G4+1 special report. The evaluation has been conducted by the financial standards committee. The committee supports the idea of having a single and conceptual approach when it comes to the accounting of leases. There is a need for […]

Future Trends in Gender

Men and women and usually driven by different motivations when it comes to consumption of products. Women are more passionate about shopping compared to men. For this reason, they are driven by different motivations. Among them is staying on par with current trends, the impacts that the products make in their lives, and the appeal […]

Discussion Unit 6

I agree with the supreme court ruling of upholding Christian prayers at the start of local council meetings. This is because the content of the prayer does not try to win converts and neither is it expected to denigrate non-Christians. The ruling makes sense given that majority of the population practice Christianity. For a long […]

Case #5

Question 1 There is a need to report the lease obligation as a liability in financial statements. This is prompted by the idea that recording lease obligation as part of footnotes might not provide investors, creditors and other relevant stakeholders with the appropriate information on the actual liabilities. As the lease payments are made, they […]

Memo to Restaurant Inspectors

Enforcing health and safety statutes in restaurants will not necessarily result in better/improved life for the consumers and employees The aspect of restaurant inspectors enforcing varied health and safety statutes comes with the notion that this will help improve the quality of services that consumers receive. Through these inspections, the relevant stakeholders are able to […]

The Role and Impact of Public Relations in the Ice Bucket Challenge

Online Campaigns are usually developed with the objective of influencing the target audience into accepting the ideas, services or products that are on offer. Online campaigns come in different formats and are targeted at influencing specific individuals. These types of campaigns only take place through the internet on platforms such as social media, websites, blogs […]