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The Hungarian Rhapsody

Introduction Hungary is widely known in the world of music for its passion for music. The most common type of music is the gypsy kind of music which is synonymous with a campfire. Nevertheless, most of the Hungarians are resentful to gypsy music. The Hungarians have a great appreciation in gypsy fiddlers since they consider […]

Andrew Jackson

Introduction Andrew Jackson is one of the most notable figures in the US history.  He is one of the most recognized social, political and a military leader whose contribution to the history of United States is enormous.  Andrew Jackson was born on 15th March 1767 by his immigrants’ parents Elizabeth and Hutchison Jackson. He was […]

Research Methodology

There are common errors experienced in the research process. Some of the most common problems include inaccurate and selective observations.  These are the basic perceptual fallacies that can lead to serious issues such as stereotyping. In most cases, selective and inaccurate observations occur unnoticed and it is the obligation of the researcher to ensure that […]

Best Strategy for Benihana: Case Study

The best strategy for Benihana is the one that maximizes the utilization of time and space to ensure the attainment of maximum profits. Benihana can only achieve the best strategy by understanding the previous challenges and factors that have an effect on them. From the simulation exercise, it is clear that a batching strategy was […]

Workforce Planning

Executive summary A review of the health workforce program is an important step towards ensuring positive progress in the provision of health services. It was essential to have a clear analysis of the existing programs and ensuring that they in alignment with the workforce priorities. The inclusion of the commonwealth funding was necessitated by the […]

Human Resource Management : Training in the Organization

Introduction                                                         Most organizations in the modern economy face numerous challenges which they do design means of dealing with them. As a result, many corporate bodies spend millions of dollars annually in training with an aim of reducing errors in these organizations. Human resource department should be aware that human is to error, and intensive training […]

Vladimir Putin on the Failed Coup of 1991

1991 was a year not to forget for the presidency of Mikhail Gorbachev as the hard-line elements of the Soviet government and the military attempted a coup against him. The attempted coup had a great significance since it marked a decline in Gorbachev’s power and influence as that of his opponent, Boris Yeltsin, rose immensely. […]