Building a Sense of Trust/Empowering Faculty and Staff to Act

Building a Sense of Trust/Empowering Faculty and Staff to Act

How should the leadership team build a sense of trust that will support the vision of becoming a top 10 HSC?

One of the strategies, which the leadership team should employ to build a sense of trust, is being with the employee or appearing as frequent as possible and especially in informal settings. Leaders have a culture of keeping away from employees and show up during formal meetings or when discussing mistakes done. Having frequent informal interactions will make workers have a feeling of connectedness and eliminate the fear they have of the position held by leaders. The workers become free to talk issues with the leadership because they have built a relationship. The freedom and connectedness can motivate the staffs to do what the leaders direct and therefore support the organization’s vision.

The leadership team should also value the staff as human other than production machines or units. The strategy relies on how leaders make decisions and create a list of expectations from the employees. Leaders should feel the staff when they are making decisions and think of the effect of their decisions on employees. For example, when deciding the reporting time, they should consider the conditions of mothers with children below six months. Staffs feel respected and that the leadersh

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