Built Asset Management

The primary challenge that the project faces is the lack of enough space to accommodate all the facilities that want to be built on the cancer center.  The challenge of lack of enough space is challenging such that all the buildings have to be modified in order to fit on the limited space. Among the modifications that have been done in the building include some features of the building being left out while others are reduced in size. Among the areas affected include the reduction of the pathways that are supposed to be used by the patients as they move from one region to the other since they have to visit different parts of the building.

Various building options needed to be followed depending on the needs of the Cancer Centre. The options were developed bearing in mind that the area that the cancer Centre was to be built had limited space. An institution such as the cancer Centre being built require some of the staff members such as the doctors to stay within the hospital; therefore, the initial plan of the infrastructure was to include some houses that were to host some of the staff members. Hosting them would give them the convenience they deserve while working for the Cancer Centre.

The limitation of space reduces the speed at which the construction was estimated to cost because some constructions have to be delayed in order to allow other building to be built depending on the location and the urgency of use. If there was enough space, all the building could be built at the same time and hence the time wasted waiting for the completion of the building that are in sensitive areas. Once the Centre is complete it will be congested will little spaces left as the open spaces. One of the wishes of the plan of the cancer Centre is that the planners wanted a green area at the Centre where people would go if they wish and relax. For this to be achieved some building needed to be replaced or altered in order to give room. The green heart would provide the buildings with a physical environment and surroundings.

The timescale that was set to be met would be affected by the delays in construction, and the delays will also affect the budget that is fixed. More additional time will require more funds more than the budgeted ones. The change of the plan also affects the output because the initial plan will be affected. Such uncertainties are likely to influence the use of the building once the project is complete. Uncertainties such as lack of enough space for the patients to move to different parts of the building then changes need to be made in order to fix the challenges that might comeup. Executing such huge tasks is challenging; therefore, enough human resource will be required to ensure that they deal with the problems as soon as they arise.

Various strengths made the designers of the plan that is to be implemented while building a Cancer Centre. The advantages include the manipulation of the design of the building in order to meet the needs and the desires of the people who will be using the facility. The other strength of the design is that the majority of the buildings that the facility needs have been integrated into the plan, this will make its operations efficient. The weaknesses of the development plan are that the plan can be altered even while the constructions are going on in order to solve the challenges at hand. Among the challenges that might cause the plan to be modified include where the development of the building is viewed to affect the operations of the facility.

Different stakeholders that will be using the facility need their needs to be catered in the plan, and therefore this might cause the initial idea to be altered if it realized that some certain aspects were left out. Some factors are uncertain on how the plan will look like if several alterations are made during the construction on how they find a plan of the cancer Centre will look like. Also, there is a challenge of what will be done if it found that some factors were left out in the initial plan since there will be no room for changes to be made when the need arises. If there were enough space changes would be prepared to meet different needs whenever they arise.

The uncertainty of how the project will be made is the major challenge affecting the project manager since he is responsible for ensuring smooth implementation of the project to completion. The project manager is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that all the deadlines are met and the constructions take place according to plan. The project manager will also ensure that all the guidelines of the plans are followed. Also, the procurement of the construction will be done by the project manager.

The implementation of the project comes with various risks that the stakeholders tasked with the responsibility of its implementation need to consider and evaluate. The risks include the project failing during its execution. The threats have a high chance of happening; therefore, the stakeholders need to be careful while implementing the project. The challenges can only be dealt with if measures are put in place to deal with the problems when they arise. Some of the challenges that are likely to come up during the construction include changes that will be done on the building affecting the entire plan of the Cancer Centre. Some features of the plan cannot be altered hence some factors might be left out. The implementation of the project requires strategic management in order to ensure all the issues go according to plan.

The stakeholders who will be involved in the implementation of the project need to be supervised by the project manager. New technologies can be adopted in the construction of the Cancer Centre. The entire plan is designed in consideration that there is limited space where the constructions can take place. The design was done in such a manner that all the facilities will be accommodated in the limited space. The planning also incorporated the needs of the stakeholders who will participate in the activities within the facility. The project should be implemented in such a way that the needs of all the stakeholders will be considered and implemented. The green area within the center of the construction will provide an area where the visitors of the facility can hangout waiting for services from the facility.

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