Built Asset Management

The primary challenge that the project faces is the lack of enough space to accommodate all the facilities that want to be built on the cancer center.  The challenge of lack of enough space is challenging such that all the buildings have to be modified in order to fit on the limited space. Among the modifications that have been done in the building include some features of the building being left out while others are reduced in size. Among the areas affected include the reduction of the pathways that are supposed to be used by the patients as they move from one region to the other since they have to visit different parts of the building.

Various building options needed to be followed depending on the needs of the Cancer Centre. The options were developed bearing in mind that the area that the cancer Centre was to be built had limited space. An institution such as the cancer Centre being built require some of the staff members such as the doctors to stay within the hospital; therefore, the initial plan of the infrastructure was to include some houses that were to host some of the staff members. Hosting them would give them the convenience they deserve while working for the Cancer Centre.

The limitation of space reduces the speed at which the construction was estimated to cost because some constructions have to be delayed in order to allow other building to be built depending on the location and the urgency of use. If there was enough space, all the building could be built at the same time and hence the time wasted waiting for the completion of the building that are in sensitive areas. Once the Centre is complete it will be congested will little spaces left as the open spa

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