Business Contract


Ever wonder why some business have several factors to consider before setting them up? Well, it depends on the possible danger of that business not only to the employees and the owner but also other parties like customers who visit the business premise. In this case, fireworks have always been known to be dangerous, and their ultimate damage does not only occur when there is a significant injury, but even minor injuries can result to other damages besides the physical damage. The victim may end up in the hospital but later sue the business owner for negligence in their business. The business owner thus, therefore, considers employing skilled employees to handle the firework display as a measure of reducing the risks. Verbal communication when entering a contract is not sufficient for  hazardous businesses, therefore, there is need to evaluate the laws that govern such business contract, look into the various elements of a contract before  signing the contract, highlight potential liabilities as well as understanding the various employee types and determine whether it is necessary to change the business entity.

Discussion points

Determining whether the contract is governed by common law or UCC

This section will first analyze th

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