Business Culture

The social and psychological environment of a business is purely determined by the values and behaviors of that business or organization, so-called the organizational culture. Organizational culture defines several things in an organization such as how people interact, how they respond to changes and how they get shared. Corporate or business culture are into three; (1) Observable art artifacts (2) The Espoused values and the (3) Assumptions.

A firm may find it necessary to change its culture, to increase their target market which will eventually lead to the financial success of the company or the firm. Hence the introduction of Cultural change programs, which in most cases fail miserably because of; 1) lack of support from the senior management, leading to a lack of financial and moral support. In most cases many organizations became shadows of their leaders, meaning change has to start from the top. 2) Poor communication internally between different departments of the firm. Making it hard for information to stream smoothly to all employees. 3) Other minor factors are lack of a vision, lack of a sense of urgency and not leading by example.

As a leader or manager of the firm some of the key factors I would implement to facilitate change in the firm include; including the top management in the transition and make sure they understand how and by when should the changes have occurred. Secondly is by strengthening communication between different departments, making the vision of the firm clear and having the employees trained regularly on what is expected as we adopt the new culture. Finally, I would take and consider culture with the same weight as strategy, as culture defines the organization and what type of clients you get as well as the image you portray in the market