Business Research Question Responses

Angela Lloyd

Hi Angela, Apples stick has really not been doing well. With the censorship in China the second biggest source of sales for the company, some investors like Carl Icahn, Apple’s biggest cheerleader are starting to lose confidence with the company. In addition, the iPhone sales have been declining lately mainly because the iPhone 6S have not generated the estimated enthusiasm. The company has to be innovative to be able to retain the stock value in the highly competitive market.

Christina Rodriguez

Hi Christina, the unemployment rates are quite high but companies still complain of employee shortages. As human beings, people always look for growth in terms of salary or promotions. However, there can only be on manager meaning all the other employees cannot be managers.  This is one reason why a company can have a high turnover. There are no growth opportunities. Another major reason for a high turnover is poor leadership. If an employee feels mistreated, they will move to another better environment.

Scholarly Research Responses

Marilyn Smith-Irving

Hi Marilyn, the article has retaliated in detail how to improve the service quality for people with intellectual and developmental Disabilities. The principles identified are very consistence with the research question. The article has detailed how the quality of services can be improved thus answering the research question. Again, the article has accepted the null hypothesis that the quality of services for those with intellectual and developmental Disabilities can be improved.  The research question and hypothesis are well answered and tested respectively.

 Paul Blanchard

Hi Paul, thorough analysis over there, i agree that the hypothesis does not appear directly addressed at the beginning of the paper. However, after reading one can deduct the hypothesis.  It is an interesting article which gives insight into the business model, design and marketing of Nintendo. Examples have also been used to make the reader better understand the results and arguments. The article has thoroughly answered the research question as well as proves the hypothesis.

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