Business Strategies in Zara

Zara is a clothing company that deals with the production and selling of clothes. The company has grown over the years to become among the leading cloth manufacturers and sellers in the world. The company has used a strong marketing strategy to market its cloths amidst competition from other companies that produce cloths in various countries around the world. The company has used various marketing and operational strategies to help the company deal with various challenges that it faces while in operation. The company produces various types of foods depending on consumer needs to meet the demands.

Competitive advantage

Zara clothing company recognizes the stiff competition that exists on the market. Therefore, it has come up with strategies of ensuring that it enjoys a competitive advantage over other companies. Among the marketing strategies that ensure the company has a competitive advantage over other companies is by creating a strong brand with several portfolios that are unique from those of competitors (Johnson et al., 2017). Having a strong brand makes it difficult for competitors who might want to copy the cloths produced by Zara Company. The customers know the brand; therefore they cannot be manipulated into purchasing clothes that are not original and manufactured by Zara. The st

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