Cancer and its Care Modalities

Cancer and the treatment that is used to deal with the condition often lead to physical symptoms and even side effects. Besides, there are also cases of emotional, social and even financial effect. Therefore, for one to get cancer treatment they need to focus more effort in dealing with the side effects. The treatment of the side effects is called palliative care or supportive care. Palliative care has an important role and is carried out alongside the treatment of cancer. The purpose is to stop, slow down and cure cancer. Recent research has pointed out that palliative care can help in the improvement of the quality of life and help individuals feel more satisfied with the treatment (Tao et al., 2015). One should start the procedure once they realize they have cancer and continue with the therapy as they recover. Palliative care seems to be the most critical care that one can take when suffering from cancer. The essence of palliative care when dealing with cancer is that they do not focus on disease, but they focus on the person as a whole.

Palliative care focuses on several issues of an individual life’s. The physical and the emotional effect of cancer and their treatment often vary from one individual to the other. The focus of the care is to integrate individual specific needs into the care. The following are the issues that would be taken into account.

  • The standard physical symptoms are the pain, loss of appetite, fatigue, vomiting insomnia and shortness of breath.
  • Emotional and coping. The specialists in palliative care aimed at providing resources that would ensure the patient and family deal with the traumatizing emotions that accompany the diagnostic of cancer. In most cases, the family and the patient would experience depression, fear, and anxiety. Through the care, these issues are well addressed and thus the individual can recover fully.
  • The spiritual aspect

When an individual is diagnosed with cancer, they would often try to find a deeper meaning in life. In some cases, the ailment would often make them be much closer to their spiritual beliefs while others would struggle while trying to understand the reason for the illness. An expert would usually have a significant role in trying to make people explore their beliefs and thereby find some sense of peace and even get to the point of accepting the situation (James et al., 2016)

  • Caregiver needs.

The family has a vital role in helping an individu

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