“Cancer Survival Through Lifestyle Change” Article Analysis

“Cancer Survival Through Lifestyle Change” Article Analysis

The author of the article is Melissa Nauta Harris et al., the title of the article is “Cancer Survival Through Lifestyle Change.” The article’s audience is mainly women who are breast cancer survivors. The article purpose is to provide comparative research on the effectiveness of telephonic behavior and in-person based lifestyle weight loss interventions in breast cancer survivors.  The main summary points in the article include; breast cancer is a common issue among many women in the united states. Improving physical activity promotes the quality of life of breast cancer survivors (Harris, 2013). Obesity and other related comorbidities affect breast cancer survivors negatively. To enhance the improved quality of life among the breast, prostate or colorectal cancer survivors, modest weight loss, improved diet, and regular exercises needs to be promoted.

There are various things done by the author to support the main points in the article. The author in the article interviews with fifty-two overweight women (BMI = 25–45 kg/m2) with remitted breast cancer (stages I – IIIa) (Harris, 2013). This survey focuses on reducing calorie intake and increase exercise; this supports the main points. The other strategy used by the author is statistics; here, she used the mean age, BMI and Anova among many more. The different strategy used by the author is facts; the author uses ideology from the previous researches on how weight loss, exercise, and caloric restriction may increase the quality of life among breast cancer survivors.

The effectiveness of the article includes; it addresses the audience needs, the audience clearly addresses the topic of interests to the audience. It focuses on how breast cancer survivors can do to improve the quality of life. The other effectiveness is the right details in the research; the author has grounded the research on facts, statistics and well-defined anecdotes.


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