Car Marketing

Directions: Complete the Questions below and submit through the link on Turnitin.


  1. Using available information from manufacturer or dealer websites, evaluate each of the following cars for their core, actual and augmented characteristics, filling in the chart below:


Brand Core Value Actual Benefits Augmented Benefits
BMW 3 series ·         The car’s interior is upscale and spacious allowing one to use it as they prefer.

·         The car is fuel efficient and the engine powers smoothly.

·         The nature of the car can handle fine balances preventing the driver from beating up.



·         The car features a super excellent finish and fits for vehicles in such a category.

·         BMW 3 series has a strong performance with a great ride and handling balance

·         The model continues to be improved with updates to the chassis and the suspension.

·         Owners of BMW 3 series are guaranteed of no-cost maintenance for four years.

·         Car owners also receive BMW assist safety plan  at no extra charges

·         BMW offers unlimited mileage roadside assistance

·         The owners of the BMW 3 series are covered with a new top to bottom car protection for four years


Audi A4 ·         The new design is more aggressive and more appealing to the user of the car

·         The car’s interior matches the exterior in many ways.


·         The car is now lighter compared to the older models.

·         The car consumes less fuel and has a stronger engine compared to the A3 model

·         It is spacious and has more significant legroom as compared to the older models.

·         Brand name

·         Low fuel consumption


·         Users of the car will be able to enjoy up to 15,000 kms for a year.

·         The car has eight airbags while it has ABS  stability and traction control thus making it safer for the drivers.

·         24 hours of road rescue

Cadillac ATS ·         The car is sporty.

·         The users of the car will feel the luxury that comes from its design.

·         Modernity has been blended into the car.

·         The car has a 28T high performance turbocharged direct injection engine that improves its performance.

·         The car is very light bodied (1600 kg).

·         Starting and stopping the key is smooth and seamless.

·         Users of the car will enjoy 24-hour road rescue.

·         Owners of the car will receive original spare parts supply for three years.

·         The company will also provide three years of unlimited mileage vehicle warranty.

Volvo S60 ·         Safety for the driver and the occupants.

·         The car is inspired by technology and very advanced.

·         The car is very flexible and easy to use.

·         The car has a uniquely designed seat that resembles those of a sports car.

·         The car has an automatic constant temperature and pressure air conditioner.

·         Owners of the car will be able to experience three years of unlimited mileage vehicle warranty.

·         Customers can also enjoy Volvo on Call services anytime.

·         In case the car breaks down the owner will enjoy 24-hour road rescue.



  1. Identify the points of parity among these brands.  In other words, on what aspects do you see these brands as offering the same or very similar benefits?

The different brands described herein provide the same vehicle warranty and 24-hour road rescue proving that the competition in the car industry has become aggressive and thus the only way to survive is to be a step ahead of the competitors. The companies are also providing individualized car care services for the customers at all times. Offering the ability to fix a customers car without them having to pay extra costs makes it easy to retain more customers and even attract new customers. In a bid to ensure that companies establish a long term relationship with the customers, such services have to be prompt and easily accessible without limit. Since we are in the digital age, companies must always strive to make their customer’s happy while at the same time minimizing cases of inconvenience on them. The services offered by the different brand are only different in how they are designed, but they are aimed at fulfilling the same need for the customer. Customers, therefore, chose which company to buy from depending on additional factors and not the services offered at all.



  1. How is each brand differentiating itself from the others and how is that differentiation carried out in each element of the marketing mix?

The case study and scenario proves that each of the different brands has its unique marketing mix about the various products they offer. In regards to this, the product is differentiated in one way or another, and the prices for the differentiated units or products is different. Although the prices are within the same range, it is clear that each company is trying to win the customers with competitive pricing. The promotion is also, but the outcome is expected not to be very different. The most noticeable aspect is that the companies are targeting different customers in different market segments with each category of customers having a different lifestyle and different incomes. Groups of customers that are very sensitive about their safety will go for the Volvo S60 however this does not mean that the other options are not safe. In this case, Volvo has focused so much on safety to differentiate their car. Individuals who are attracted by strong brand names will go for the BMW 3 series. Cadillac, on the other hand, will probably be preferred by individuals who are interested in a personalized response system through their Onstar security services. The Audi A4, on the other hand, is the perfect car for individuals who use the car frequently over long distances since its fuel consumption is extremely low.

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