Case 4.5: Wiley Jackson, Accounting Major

Question 1

The decision alternatives available include:

  • Write “yes” on the form given that the charges are pending.
  • Write “no” and hope that the company will never find about the deferred adjudication.
  • Seek advice from an attorney.
  • Try to explain the incident to the office managing partner.
  • Not filling the form, and giving up the job altogether.

If I were Wiley, I would write “Yes” on the form to acknowledge the pending charges. I would also take the initiative of trying to explain the issue to the OMP through Sally. By acknowledging the charges, it would be my hope that the OMP appreciates my honesty as this shows a great sense of integrity; that is highly required in this profession and gives me an opportunity to work in the firm. Failing to disclose the issue could lead to complications if the issue sufficed in future.

Question 2

The first thing that the OMP ought to do is question Wiley to hear his side of the story regarding the issue. The actions of Wiley would have acted to indicate a lack of integrity and ethical behavior; aspects that are highly regarded in the accounting profession. If Wiley accepts that he was wrong with the action that he took, the OMP can place him on probation for some time to help assess his behavior further to see whether he is suitable to work in the firm. In case he does not seem to regret his actions and still thinks that he did the right thing, he ought to be fired since this is an indication that he is likely to breach some regulations in his line of duty at the firm.

Question 3

Sally had a moral and legal responsibility to inform the OMP of the matter given that Sally was an audit senior. This is because how Wiley responded to this issue demonstrated his character as an individual. There was a probability that he would extend the unethical behavior while working for the firm. This would work to ruin the operations of the firm in one way or another.

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