Case Study Analysis

  1. Important Facts

The significant facts about the case study are on the aspects of Astar Enterprises. Astar Enterprises is a multi-billion business that is run by a board of members who through the Chief Executive Officer administer day to day undertakings (Beeson, 2006, p.1). Another fact is that the business operates in more than two continents with a substantial holder of its American and European markets. This is brought on by the fact that the firm serves as a retail distributor for major brands including the provision of services regarding personalized labeling (Beeson, 2006, p.2). The company, Astar Enterprises is currently undergoing strategic expansion actions which are necessary to the improved market share in its current and prospective markets.

  1. Key Issue(s)

Several issues are surrounding the business:

  • The company’s chairman, Calloway, is close to retirement due to old age and this has sparked debate on the succession planning for the business (Beeson, 2006, p.2).
  • Cal

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