Case Study on Operation Eagle Claw

Case Study on Operation Eagle Claw

Opinion on Carter’s Decision on Launching Operation

I do agree that Carter’s made the right decision to launch the operation. This is because all the other negotiations by the United States to help free hostages were in vain. The increasingly unbearable pressure made Carter opt for an alternative method to rescue the hostages. The only alternative at disposal was to organise an operation known as the operation Eagle claw to help save his professional career besides easing the unbearable pressure from American citizens(Fong& Chua Lu, 130).

Better Decision-making by the Team

Of course, I believe the carter’s decision-making team would have assisted Carter in better decision-making. For instance, they would have advised him on the best method to undertake and the manner in to initiate or execute the method. The cartel decision-making team should have foreseen the failing of operation Eagle claw as a result of severe dust storms causing massive mechanical failure on the helicopters. The cartel’s decision-making team should have designed an alternative means of logistics apart from helicopter transportation. Besides, cartel’s management team should have helped Cartel by advising him from giving into American citizen’s pressure and maintaining calm.

How Could a Team Think Approach Have Been Beneficial in this Situation?

The wise say ‘Two minds are better than one’ and in this situation, both cartel’s decision-making team and himself should have combined mind to come up with a compact and legit solution to tackle the befallen calamity.

What Would you have Done if you had Been a Member of the Carter Administration’s decision-making team?

If I were in Carter’s administration decision-making team, I would have advised him on not giving in into the mounting pressure from the American citizens because they had no single idea on how the calamity could be handled (Fong& Chua Lu, 130). I would as well advise Carter not to handle the situation in a rush but maintain his calm. I would also determine various methods of tackling the calamity and design alternatives where necessary. For instance, I would design various logistical processes for successful completion of the mission.


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