Case Vinaigrette

Question one

The ecological perspective helps explain the behaviors of both stan and tina as students. The ecological theory allows social workers and other people to understand how important it is to adapt and fit between different environments and organizations. This concept explains an insight of relationships between individuals. Stan has a different perspective of life and believes in hard work especially when it comes to the behavior of an individual towards the other cultures (Creswell, 2012). The surrounding of the village park community school has seen numerous transformations through the time. It all started as a school that was performing well where most students graduated to become scientists, professors, and lawyers. This leads to the school generating a better reputation in terms of academic excellence. The ecological theory applies the practical perspective of different social interventions and the way people view society. Ecological perspective also shows human behavior and the way they approach other people. Appreciation of fitting into an environment is important in finding how an individual can adapt the environment towards the formulation of different strategies.The first theoretical concepts is that of competence that is developed by both tina and stan. Both Tina and son have shown their competence in education with stan being a student who is respected by the teachers because of the effort that he makes in studies. Competence association by Tina who is always among the best 25 students in her class. Theoretical concepts can also explain the role of these two students. Stan plays the role of a leader in school as he is respected because of his past at the role of leadership, but he plays in school. Tina is also leading in academics and therefore plays the role of a good leader. Habitats refer to a place where someone leaves for the surrounding that influences the adaptation strategies of an individual. The majority of the people surrounding Newark new jersey are African Americans,most of whom come from West Africa. Both tina and stan have developed most of their behaviours, and they can successfully inte

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