Case Vinaigrette

Question one

The ecological perspective helps explain the behaviors of both stan and tina as students. The ecological theory allows social workers and other people to understand how important it is to adapt and fit between different environments and organizations. This concept explains an insight of relationships between individuals. Stan has a different perspective of life and believes in hard work especially when it comes to the behavior of an individual towards the other cultures (Creswell, 2012). The surrounding of the village park community school has seen numerous transformations through the time. It all started as a school that was performing well where most students graduated to become scientists, professors, and lawyers. This leads to the school generating a better reputation in terms of academic excellence. The ecological theory applies the practical perspective of different social interventions and the way people view society. Ecological perspective also shows human behavior and the way they approach other people. Appreciation of fitting into an environment is important in finding how an individual can adapt the environment towards the formulation of different strategies.The first theoretical concepts is that of competence that is developed by both tina and stan. Both Tina and son have shown their competence in education with stan being a student who is respected by the teachers because of the effort that he makes in studies. Competence association by Tina who is always among the best 25 students in her class. Theoretical concepts can also explain the role of these two students. Stan plays the role of a leader in school as he is respected because of his past at the role of leadership, but he plays in school. Tina is also leading in academics and therefore plays the role of a good leader. Habitats refer to a place where someone leaves for the surrounding that influences the adaptation strategies of an individual. The majority of the people surrounding Newark new jersey are African Americans,most of whom come from West Africa. Both tina and stan have developed most of their behaviours, and they can successfully interact with them. They can also interact well with white individuals without having to stay out of reach. The goodness of fithelp these two students to fit in their various ethnic groups within Newark new jersey and can successfully fit into the other communities.

Question two

Dynamic Systems Theory influences our thinking about families and how we conceptualize our change. The principles are well-suited for giving an examination of complex decisions made by the members of the society. It provides a framework where people draw dynamic systems and principles in addressing a logical organization of ideas. Dynamic system principle theory also addresses change and development and the outcome of their development or procedures. Dynamics theory addresses various changes in the development without necessarily focusing on the outcomes (Thompson, 2017). This theory helps explain the social environment for both tina and stan. The dynamism of the environment has enabled these two students to change with the various changes and dynamics in Newark and have appreciated the of the development in the region. Newark new jersey has undergone numerous transformation from the social perspective up to the point where the place is occupied by middle and working-class black families. The energy concept can be demonstrated in the changes that both stern and tina are experiencing. Tina is 17 years old and has to interact with their different social backgrounds.As a black individual, Tina believes in positive energy and have been changing the environment following the patterns of the people. She believes that she has to perform her role as a black individual to survive just like the others. When it comes to the case of stan, he was once a drug dealer who was arrested for selling drugs. Dynamism system theory can be used in explaining the changes in energy involved in his operations. The organization in this context is the school. The way of delivering the messages for various ethnic groups is different in a school. It is this reason why Tina is concerned about the teachers who are addressing the teaching of black students. She feels that the organization does not deliver the right teaching to the right people. Black individuals have to show their energy and to meet the demands of society as required according to Tina. Tina is also aware that she has to respect the teachers within their organization. When it comes to stan, he is aware that the organization must be respected for him to become successful. Communication is a key contributor to the dynamical systems theory. These depend on the overall patterns of change including civilization and self-regulation. Both tina and stan believe that they have to communicate well for them to be respected in society. Tina talks about the low academy performance that the black individuals have. She states that this is as a result of the social distractions especially poor performance in communication. The successful academic performance also goes along with better communication with tina in stan are innovators, and they believe in different modes of language as a form of communication. Boundaries are defined by the systems within society. Both tina and stan are aware of the white establishments that are met with disappointment from their black people. They believe that there is nothing wrong with the block boundaries and they have to maintain their culture while also participating in other important ideas in society.

Question Three

Both ecological perspective theory and dynamic system theory help examine the situation and the behavior of stan and tina. The two theories explain some of that functioning solution and how they are adapting in the social environment. However, the ecological approach is the most helpful in understanding the case of Vinaigretteas it enables the social workers to understand the significance of fitting between the environment and their organizations (Hendrickx et al., 2016). It also addresses the process of change concerning the outcomes. This theory focuses on the repetitive response and sensibility that both Tina and stan have on the shoulders. The way they relate with other students and teachers are important elements of dynamic system theory. However, the ecological theory is the most applicable in this case as it helps to understand the changes between the circumstances and how these two students have managed to adapt in Newark new jersey. The ecological perspective of social work gives a direct presentation of different ideas that explains the reasons why events occur and specific ways that are likely to predict future outcomes. These theories should be appreciated when giving evidences and reasonings that can be proven conclusively. Within the practice of social work, the theories give alternative frameworks that can be used in understanding the reasons why certain sets of ideas are the way they are thereby helping people make sense of their circumstances and situations. Application of these theories helps social workers by guiding the practice for them to achieve the best directions of the efforts.An ecological approach is used to compare humanism and existentialism together with numerous other aspects that can be used to achieve accountability within social work.


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