1. Introduction. Of the many payment methods used at CasinoEuro PayPal takes centre stage, thanks to its network, market value and confidence users have in it. An online review of CasinoEuro shows that the e-wallet payment method is most preferred due to transaction timelines, flexibility, and less scrutiny compared to the traditional banking system. Although the credit/debit methods have more bonuses and free spins as offers, the transactions are more secure, and the medium has a broader network in comparison.



  1. Does CasinoEuro Accept PayPal As A Payment Method?


PayPal is one of the principle e-wallet payment methods at EuroCasino. It allows both deposit and withdrawals, but its usage is restricted to the Casino customers who reside in the United Kingdom and Ireland only.



2.1 How Long Does A Withdrawal From CasinoEuro To PayPal Take?

The casino allows both Euro and the United Kingdom’s Sterling Pounds. The range that PayPal allows to withdraw is £15 – £5,500 and €20 – 8,000. The transaction can mature within 24 hours after requisition.


  1. What Other E-Wallets Does CasinoEuro Accept?

3.1 Skrill

This is an online money payment system that allows deposits and withdrawal from and to EuroCasino. The transaction range is £15 – £8,000 and €20 – 10,000. The method is accepted in all jurisdictions that EuroCasino is allowed.


3.2 Entropay

It is also a popular online payment system. At EuroCasino the transaction limits are €20 – 2,500 and £20 – £2,500. The service is also accepted by EuroCasino wherever they have permission.


3.3 Trustly

Trustly offers money transfer services only in the United Kingdom, Poland, Finland, and Sweden. The operational range is between €10 – 100,000 and £10 – £100,000. The huge gap transaction allowance gives it to advantage.


  1. How Long Does A Withdrawal Using E-wallets Take With CasinoEuro

Most transactions on e-wallets take a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 24 hours to process payments. Neteller and Skrill’s withdrawals happen immediately the transaction is done. PayPal timelines take a maximum of 24 hours to complete the transaction.

As for integrated platforms like the Trustly, the transaction timeline is identical to PayPal’s, but the variation is dependent on the recipient’s payment method. If it takes longer than stipulated, the user is requested to contact the customer care to follow up on the progress.



  1. What Verification Is Required In Order To Make A Withdrawal With E-Wallets At CasinoEuro?

Most documents used on the payment method are aimed at confirming whether or not the details entered when setting up the financial method are the same as the ones on the attached documents. The verification details are:-

  • An Identity card, passport, driving license or a citizen certificate. The documents should be coloured, clearly visible and a clear photo of the user.
  • A utility bill that has all the user’s names and the physical location. The bill should not be older than 6 months.
  • A snapshot of the e-wallet system with the gamer’s name.




  1. Are Your Credit Card Details Safe with CasinoEuro?


The credit card details are secured using a 3D Secure Technology; which provides extra security on any transaction done online using the platform. The 3D security is an addition to the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) provided by the banks to secure details and funds within its system. When depositing or withdrawing, the feature asks for the 3D security code on a pop-up window. Furthermore, the CVV/CVC2 code at the back of the credit card is an additional security feature that helps secure online transactions. However meticulous the security process on credit card is, the process is encouraged as it awards bonuses at EuroCasino.



  1. Are There Any Taxes/Charges for Payments Using E-Wallets at CasinoEuro?

EuroCasino does not levy any charges when depositing or withdrawing any amount from its platform. However, the payment methods have a ledger fee which they apply to the amount being transacted through its platform. The user should find out from the individual service provider on how much they charge to use their service.


  1. What is the Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Amount at CasinoEuro?
  • Bank Transfers – the deposits are £25 upwards while withdrawals are tagged between £/€10 and 100,000.
  • The credit/Debit cards (VISA and MasterCard) – the withdrawal limits are £20 and £1800 and €20 and €2100. For deposits, the recommended minimum amount is £25 as it attracts bonuses at CasinoEuro.
  • The e-wallets (Skrill/Moneybookers, Neteller and PayPal) – the minimum withdrawable amount is £15 and €20 while the maximum is £8000, £30,000 and 5,500 for Skrill/Moneybookers, Neteller and PayPal respectively. Withdrawals in Euros are €10,000 for Skrill/Moneybookers, €45,000 for Neteller and €8,000 for PayPal.
  • Integrated Platforms (Trustly and Entropay) – Trustly has a withdrawal range of £/€10 and £100,000 while Entropay has £/€20 and 2500.

In all these transactions, the amount preferred for deposit is £25 due to its promotional value.


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