Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and Effect Essay

Following the joke of the old light bulb, only one psychiatrist had the power to change a light bulb, however, for this to happen, the light bulb itself should be willing to change. In the ‘Good Will Hunting’ movie, Will Hunting does not want to change. Will Hunting was a caretaker at M.I.T and is gifted in Mathematics, but is lost in his life thus needs help from a psychologist. He struggled to realize his identity as he lived in a world where he was expected to solve everything that comes his way, but he could not answer all, he needed assistance. He finally found himself a friend who loved him, and he felt free to share what was on his mind and his heart. This essay seeks to analyze how people surrounding Will Hunting affected him and how Will is affected basing its arguments on Professor Sean, Professor Lambeau, Skylar, and Chuckle.

During Will’s first classes in M.I.T, Will was able to give a solution to one hard math-problem of the graduate level. Professor Gerald Lambeau also was known as Stellan Skarsgard, and his colleagues had been unable to solve it for the past two years. When the Professor wrote this problem on the chalkboard and left it to his students with the hopes that someone will eventually find a solution to it at the end of the term, Will solved it, and the Professor gave another challenge which Will managed to explain it again. Initially, Lambeau believed that Will was damaging the board and thus chases him away and in return, Will threw insults at him. When the Professor realized that it was Will who solved the problem, he tries to look for him. When Will left, he got into a fight with a youth who had harassed him years back when he was in kindergarten and he was therefore imprisoned. Professor Lambeau went for his rescue and gave Will two choices, one that he remains in prison or be freed and be under the supervision of Lambeau and he should learn mathematics and get therapies from a psychotherapist. Since being released was a better option, Will choose it, but he still believed he did not need any treatment.

After the failure of five psychologists, Lambeau finally called Sean Magure (Robin Williams), who was his old friend who knew each other back at M.I.T classes. Sean did not agree with the five psychologists. He was from South Boston as Will; therefore he quite understood how to deal with Will despite his hostility and very sarcastic defense mechanisms. Sean had done a watercolor, and at some point, Will was able to analyze it and came to a conclusion that Sean’s emotions were disturbed and suppressed because of the sudden passing away of his dear wife. Sean felt upset and got violent, thus grabs Will by the throat and threatened him to destroy his chances of reformation. At this point, Will got offended and walked away. Lambeau believed Will had yet again destroyed his chances with a therapist which was not true because later on, Sean saw what Will had done as a challenge and decided to accept it and therefore asks Lambeau to bring him back every week.

In connection with another therapist, Sean described to Will how he canceled his ticket to visit the Red Sox in the 1975 World Series because he wanted to be with someone he had never met before and met her for the first time in a bar, who later became his wife. This makes Will encouraged to spend time with Skylar, a young woman who was a Minnie Driver whom they met at a bar near Harvard University: This is how Sean changed Will’s life and his thoughts about the world.

Later, Skylar asks Will to go with him to California where she would start his medical school studies at Stanford which he shrugged and walked away. When Lambeau tried to convince him, he again walked out on him anyway. Sean, therefore, observed that Will was anticipating failure in his general life too much. He encourages him to either embrace the situations or avoid them and be ready to face a lot of pain in his future because of the consequences of his choices.

Will later explains his situations to his best friend  Chuckie (Ben Affleck) that he intended to become a laborer for his entire life and Chuckie openly tells him the brutal truth. Chuckie said to him that it was an ‘insult’ for Will to become a laborer yet he can successfully grow a more reasonable thing. He told him that he had recurrently thought that someday he would knock on his door and not find him. This brutal honesty hit Will so hard. He realized that everyone was human, just like him and that everyone was facing different challenges.

Finally, after another session of therapy where he witnessed that other people too were facing the consequences of child abuse, Will decided to stop being a prisoner of his past and his personal decisions and promised himself to start taking charge of his life because no one else would. He decided to go to California to reunite with Skylar after his friends gifted him with a rebuilt Chevy Nova for his 21st birthday. He finally leaves for a better life and a better future.