Cedar Point Amusement Park

Cedar Point Amusement Park

Everyone dreams of visiting a place that gives them the most exciting and thrilling feeling in the world when they are still alive. I am not an exception. My friends and I were sharing some of the places they have visited in the world that they would want to revisit when given another opportunity. To my surprise, four friends out the six recommended Cedar Point Amusement Park and urged me to visit the place. I decided to visit the park to feel the experience.

I must admit that Cedar Point Amusement Parkis thrilling as described by my friends. There are various features within and around the park that make it exceptional. To begin with, the park sits in a piece of land approximately 150 hectares located in Lake Erie in Sandusky Bay, Ohio. Cedar Point Amusement Park is about sixty miles away from Downtown Cleveland. The park has a breathtaking white sand beach that is approximately one mile long. Besides, there is an expansive outdoor sports complex in the park that can accommodate a significant population for a variety of sports activities including athletics, basketball, and football. Moreover, there are spectacular indoor and outdoor water parks known as Castaway Bay and Cedar Point Shores respectively. The park is also rich in entertainment facilities apart beautiful features within and around it.

The entertainment features range from a variety of roller-coasters to water rides. The roller coaster rides are not only magnificent but also thrilling. The roller coaster has various admirable designs inspired by outstanding architectural designs in the world. For instance, the breathtaking Blue Streak resembles a bridge with steep slopes on both sides. Riding on the Blue Streak requires one to carry their hearts on their hands. Another roller coaster that sends shivers even in the veins of the courageous individuals on earth is the Top Thrill Dragster that shoots occupants into the sky at an acceleration of one hundred and twenty miles per hour. The roller coaster in the park provides not only thrill rides but also family rides that are convenient for individuals with little kids. Moreover, the water rides are exotically providing one with an opportunity to explore new experiences such as rafting. There are other exciting experiences apart from the fastest and tallest thrillers.

The park has two mini-golf courses for golf lovers. The green lawn on the golf courses creates an image of paradise in the minds of visitors. Four gorgeous resorts offer deliciously prepared exotic foods. The park is spacious and cordial to visitors who organize barbecues that render the evening air hostage with the deliciously smelling foods. It would be unfair to describe Cedar Point Amusement Park without mentioning the live music bands that entertain visitors through well-composed songs. The evenings are the best in the park with the experience of spectacular fireworks that lit and beautify the sky. Moreover, there are organized events such as beach games and the brew and barbeque events that promote socialization fun among visitors.

In summary, Cedar Point Amusement Park is the place to be regarding the breathtaking experience it offers visitors. The park is famous for the roller coasters, but it provides more than just the thrilling rides. The scenery provide striking features such as the white sand beach and the golf courses unrivaled. Besides, it organizes social events such as the beach games and the barbeque and brew events. Cedar Point Amusement Park is suitable for individuals of all ages and status.


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