CH3671 Questions

Question 1

Simon is upset with his professor for not reviewing the necessary material he has.

Question 2

Studies have identified that most Asian Americans expect a counselor who plays the role of a therapist to be an authoritative figure. This is by providing not only structured guidance in the process of problem-solving but also portraying qualities of sympathy, nurturance, and flexibility. In the case of Simon, his cultural context can help to explain his headaches and stomach troubles. This is because he is faced with both fear and anxiety considering he is not well conversant with a number of chemistry concepts.

Moreover, he is anxious about approaching the professor. His cultural context makes him believe that such a professor is supposed to assist him by discussing with him most of the necessary content that will be in the exam. He fails to understand that good grades can only be attained through hard work and always paying attention when the professor is in class.Simon may have been anxious and worried because he does not know how he would approach the professor whom he believed would solve his problem by exposing most of the content in the exam thereby giving him a chance to perform well. Furthermore, he might have been worried because he did not know the implications that would face him if he happened to fail even after seeking assistance from the professor.


Question 3

There are also a number of other cultural factors that could account for Simon’s experience. To start with, the cultural background of Simon influences his characteristics. For instance, he is imposed to be humble and modest. Furthermore, he should treat himself strictly and be lenient to other individuals. As a result, Simon may be facing challenges seeking out help from the professor since his cultural background teaches him to be a modest being.

Additionally, his cultural context teaches him to be humble. This makes him believe that a counsellor should be authoritative. This could be the reason why he is experiencing worry and anxiety, thereby making him suffer from a headache and stomach troubles. Since he is supposed to remain subordinated and obedient to authority, Simon may have found it a challenging task to confront the chemistry teacher even though he understood well that there were a variety of concepts that he did not understand. This is because he may have felt that such a confrontation would be a disrespect of authority. Also, it would have challenged the professor by making him feel as if he did not teach well in class.

Additionally, he could have been further victimized by the assumption that confronting the professor would have been an arrogant behavior and character rather than a conscious act of bravery. Therefore, he chose to act in accordance with his traditions.Simon’s cultural orientation dictates that he should be submissive. In this context, it means that he should remain focused on working harder and being keen in class rather than asking for help and assistance right from the professor during the eve of exams. The cultural attitudes towards the role of hierarchy as well as respect for authority may have been the main issues that may have contributed to the behavior and condition of Simon just a few days before the big exam.

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