CH7 outline prompts

  1. Examine the value of interest groups on politics.

Engaging in election activities-interest groups attempt to influence the elections in order to get people who support their issues elected or re-elected. This electioneering technique may include giving money to candidates, conducting get-out-the-vote drives on grass root levels, or even endorsing candidates.

Lobbying the government-interest groups to hire representatives to advocate on behalf of the group's interests to the government. This may, for instance, include contacting members off congress and the executive branch to disseminate information about a proposed legislation.

Educating various publics-they to educate the public, government officials and their members on political issues and other concerned issues.

Mobilizing various publics-they to mobilize the public to act on behalf of their issues and hence influence policy making

2.Discuss who joins interest groups and their reasons why

Its hard to precisely determine who joins interest groups and who does not. However, students and people of low incomes or low social class groups a

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