Challenge with Immigration

The department of homeland security was created to improve domestic security coordination and communication in response to the 9/11. The department consists of a large cabinet-level agency that brought together 22 agencies and departments as well as 200,000 federal employees. The reshuffle is termed as one of the largest restructurings since the 1940s when Congress and Truman created the Defense Department, CIA, and National Security Council. However, there is growing evidence that putting together, so many agencies and departments has brought forth more problems than it has solved.

One of the challenges that Homeland security faces are since a majority of its services does not include the secretaries, directors, undersecretaries, and others involved in the department. More so, the external agencies and departments that the homeland security must coordinate with are not taken into account Such as the CIA, DEA, FBI, and Health and Human Services. This has led to continuous intra and inter-agency conflicts. I agree with the author of bulletin of the Atomic Scientists that Lack of coordination is bound to bring forth conflict between the members involved; therefore, it is only fair that the DHS is made into a single entity to reduce conflicts.

The DHS is also in conflict with FEMA, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the office for Domestic Preparedness. Both homeland security and FEMA are mandated with the responsibility of responding to terrorism and natural calamities such as hurricanes. However, due to the lack of coordination between local and state government, they are both considered to be poorly prepared in case of an emergency.

The current situation of DHS whereby there is a relatively weak internal control most of the Department’s mission, are compromised. These include immigration enforcement and border protection against terrorism and natural disasters.

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