Change in McDonald’s Corporation

Question 1

One of the pressures that drive change in McDonald’s corporation is internal factors. One of them is capabilities which refer to the ability of individuals to perform specific tasks. This can drive change since it will increase productivity in the firm. Another factor is the availability of resources. Funds can drive change since it influences how individuals perform their tasks. For example, the availability of funds enables the enterprise to use automated instead of manual approaches to serve the clients.

Question 2

Using the internal force, the entity can apply innovation to monitors all the workers from one central location. This will make it easier to monitor the employees without the supervisors. As a result, it can assist the entity in saving a lot of time that could be used to oversee a single worker. Additionally, the approach can help the business to reduce its overall cost (Poole & Van de Ven, 2004). For instance, there will be no need for the firm to employ many supervisors to monitor employees working in various departments of the company.

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