Chapters 1 and 2

Chapters 1 and 2 of this article address the research process and the two most common approaches of research. It explains the differences between qualitative and quantitative research approaches. Qualitative research is applicable n the human sciences while the quantitative method is used in statistical research. The main ideas are to applies the research process in solving an everyday problem in education. Chapter 1 describes the entire process of research that is done by teachers of experience and how to examine a critical issue in a society and a school.

The central concept or idea that I have learned about is how important it is to identify the research problem. Definition of research terms is crucial as they give the reader of the paper a clue on what their researcher is talking about. Chapter 2 of this paper talks about how the research problem is important as it identifies the research problem in the opening parts of a study. Definition of a research problem gives the researcher an approach and where to start from. The most important idea concept that I have learned here is how important it is for a researcher to identify a research problem as it gives him or her a platform to conduct the entire research. This applies to an educator whose main aim is to find solutions for various issues in the students.

From a personal perspective, the identification of a research problem means that I have to distinguish it from the other parts of the research problem while conducting the research. This will be important to me in my career as a teacher as my future research ideas will be easier to conduct. I will also benefit from the identified problems within the school. Every school has problems especially those that deal with escalating violence and school administration.Specifying the problem will be important on my way of becoming an important researcher.

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