Character Attributes

Good psychology professionals are those who can take advantage of their character attributes and use them in their career. Therefore, identifying one’s characteristics is instrumental in determining the kind of psychologist one will become. My qualities include being patient, detail oriented, empathetic and observant. These are the most significant attributes that I can use to help me succeed in my career.

Patience is one of the most difficult attributes to develop in this fast-paced world. However, I must be able to move my patients toward positive changes. This is a process that is both uncertain and takes time to realize. Thus, it is essential for one to have the patience to see it through.

The attribute of being detail-oriented is also one of the most important qualities that I have, which will help in my career. An example is when there are reports of child abuse that are being labeled against an individual. Some issues need to be considered before a case which may prove to be vital in finding out the truth is concluded. One must look at all the details to determine if the child is telling the truth or not.

Another attribute is empathy. Being empathetic is vital in understanding what a patient is going through and helps one to put themselves in a patient’s shoe and feel what they are going through. With this, I can find out the motive towards specific actions by my clients.

Finally, being observant is a critical attribute to a psychology expert. At times, a patient may say things that their body language may seem to differ with. It takes an observant professional to understand this and try to find out the truth from the client. This is an important attribute that helps in getting to the root of various issues.


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