Cheating in Academic Work

Cheating in Academic Work


According to an article appearing in the Atlantic, almost 70% of undergraduate students cheat on tests and written work. This is a worrying trend and if not addressed would compromise the quality of education in many ways. Cheating in academics could be caused by many reasons, and each individual could give their own reasons as to why they cheat. Cheating is wrong and unacceptable regardless of the reasons behind it and should be curtailed by all costs if the quality of education has to be upheld.

Reasons for Cheating

Cheating in academic work is caused by many reasons some which are personal and others caused by the set institutional norms and codes of conduct. In most cases, the failure to have strong codes of conducts and punishment is believed to be the reason towards high levels of cheating in learning institutions. During an interaction with a majority of students, it is quite clear that cheating is ethically wrong and u

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