Chemical herbicides and pesticides

Chemical herbicides and pesticides

Chemical herbicides and pesticides are chemical compounds used to control and eliminates pests and weeds in agricultural and non-agricultural settings.  These are extensively used in large agricultural fields and also in forests, parks, ponds, lakes, active areas, and in home lawns and gardens.  The terms relate to this week’s theme on sustaining our agricultural resources because it is necessary to use farming methods that promote soil health, lower the levels of pollution in farms and homes, and minimize its effect on other living things (Mahmood, et al,2016). Sustainable agriculture seeks to encourage the production of food without tampering with other natural ecosystems. Knowledge of using sustainable agricultural methods will go a long way in protecting living things from extinction.



Chemical herbicides and pesticides are related o living things given that they have devastating effects on living creatures and the physical environment. For instance, the herbicide and pesticide runoff from the farms finds its way to the water body systems and ends up killing and deforming most of the aquatic plants and animals. The term relates to the challenge of achieving environmental sustainability since the chemicals are very harmful to plants and animals that contribute to a better environment for living things.Chemical herbicides and pesticides are an obstacle to the attainment of environmental sustainability(“What is sustainable agriculture | Agricultural Sustainability Institute,” n.d.). Their use results in the death of aquatic plants and earth animals, besides destroying natural habitats such as the soil, water, and trees which affects the symbiotic processes and alters the sustainability.


To promote environmental sustainability and prevent damage caused by chemical pesticides and herbicides, I will do the following. First, I will start a campaign to encourage farmers, and other persons that use chemical pesticides and herbicides use alternative pest and weed elimination methods. Following into the footsteps of the “Citizens of Earth” organization, the farmers can practice organic farming. Secondly, I will commission the state government to make it mandatory for people and farm owners to adapt to the alternatives of chemical herbicides and pesticides. So far, some products and techniques that can substitute the use of the herbicides and pesticides have been approved. For example, jojoba, mineral oils, and spice-based products can be used as organic pesticides for specific plants. Also, predator insects, crop rotation, and companion planting are other techniques that can be used to deal with pests and weeds in a safe manner that will ensure environmental sustainability (Hossain, Rahman & Khan, 2017). These initiatives will play a significant role in protecting living things and the physical environment.

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