Children Refugee Rights


A refugee is an individual fleeing his home country as a result of war, violence or persecution. According to reports by UNICEF, children refugees are unaccompanied, having separated from their parents at the time of conflict. The number of children applying for asylum has increased over the past few years amidst rising cases of psychiatric disorders. Some of these do not find safe haven in their new homes due to unfavorable immigration policies. This paper discusses these facts in detail and maintains that children refugees deserve protection.

The current state

The United Nations Higher Commission for refugees reported in 2017 that the number of child refugees under the organization’s protection has doubled to 8 million up from half that figure in 2005 (Eide and Hjern, 2013). More than 50% of these children are unaccompanied and without a parent or a guardian with them on the journey to their unknown new homes. An increase in the number of those seeking asylum has also been reported. Child Refugees in some countries like Ethiopia and Pakistan experience neglect and lack basic needs due to this resource adequacy.

There are cases where some childr

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