Children’s Story

From the two scenarios, Lisa’s case will be selected for this discussion. It is evident that the child is upset while playing with other children. She snatches toys from other kids and hits them on the head. This behavior can be rectified through the use of various approaches. One of the ways is by constantly guiding the kid and advising her to embrace good morals. Secondly, the parent can enforce a few rules that should be followed by the child frequently. One of these regulations is the one prohibiting the child from beating others. The child should also be encouraged to embrace good behaviors. In this case, a child's good practice can be rewarded with praise, smiles, and hugs. Besides, it is essential to assist Lisa to comprehend the importance of rules in society. Moreover, make sure that these regulations are followed. Finally, help the kid understand that she should fair to others if she does not expect harsh treatment from her peers.

My strategy would support the teaching approach by educating the children to control their emotions. They should be advised to avoid harming others even if they are annoyed. It will enable them to refrain from engaging in actions that may harm other kids. Additionally, the plan can also help the children to understand the expectations of the adults. As a result, it will assist in reducing conflict

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