Choice Blindness

Question one

Choice blindness refers to the inability of people to detect mismatches between their intentions and the outcome. It occurs when a person is not able to give a rationale for a choice they made. Choice blindness is essential in political opinions. In most cases, people end up adopting political views which they did not intend to. They are manipulated by other people’s beliefs to make choices which they did not intend to. In most cases, people change their political opinions without their intentions. In the beginning, people have firm decisions about their views nonpolitical matters. However, as time goes by, they change their mind to adopt the opinions of other individuals. This is mostly achieved by availing information about political ideas to different groups of people. As a result, people are tempted to change their minds. The choice blindness in political matters occurs when people change their opinions abruptly. However, they are not in a position to give a rationale for their adjustment. They make a choice blindly without considering the outcome which they will obtain.

Question two

In political polarization, the stand of a person on a particular issue is defined by the political party to support. With the current media environment, there are high chances of people being influenced on social media. People have more social channels to share their political views regarding various matters. As a result, due to the conflict between the followers of different political parties, polarization will continue increasing. There are high chances of people being manipulated to change their views regarding various matters, without considering their intentions and expected outcomes. This implies that the media environment is increasing the possibility of people basing their arguments on multiple issues on the political party they support.

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