Choosing Entrants into A Management Training Program

Choosing Entrants into A Management Training Program

Weighted criteria chart


  Category Points
  Company Experience 20 points
  College Degree 10 points
  Performance Rating 10 points
  Cognitive Ability Test 5 points
  Integrity Test 5 points
  Background Test. 5 points
  Interview Rating 20 points
  Drug Test 5 points
  Total 80 points


The requirements of a minimum of five years’ experience, a college degree from an accredited university and a minimum acceptable job performance of 3 or higher rating are the prerequisites. These basics alone eliminate two of the participants from the start of the selection. Based on the position the assessment is made, interview rating and cognitive ability are therefore the most valid; hence the final scores of these two get more emphasis. Integrity tests, background check, and drug tests will help thin the selection. These tests will, therefore, take reasonable consideration.

Company experience: It is essential to have business experience to build a successful business. Good business ideas are imperative as well as catering to a contemporary demand to grow a business.

College degree: A college degree obtained from a recognized institution, gives proof that one is literate enough for the company.

Performance rating: All companies require skilled labor and performance is at the top of the list in the evaluation. This is because it can select who fits best in the company.

Cognitive test: A company has to know of one’s strengths and weaknesses; that is why they test for cognitive ability. It is not the most important which accounts for its moderate rating.

Integrity test: The integrity test determines the individual’s level of loyalty, honesty, and trust.

Background check: Background check will investigate the applicant’s, identity verification.

Interviewer ratings: Interview rating determines whether the individual can present themselves when need be, or they have other skills that can be valuable for the job.

Drug Test To check whether the participant is a law-abiding citizen, a drug test is administered to screen for illegal drugs in the blood system.

Finalist 1 is required to meet all these tests of company experience, college degree and performance ability at their highest levels altogether.

Finalist 1 is Bryon because he has the highest scores as compared to the other participants.

Finalist 2 will have to follow in the scores of all the areas. The ratings are relatively higher than the 3rd finalist.

 Finalist 2 Siobhan, his long years of experience combined with the high rating of the interviewer, makes him second. However, He has fewer years of experience

The 3rd finalist is the one with average scores as compared to the first two participants.

Finalist 3 Merv because he also has more years of experience and got a high interview rating, but they are not more than the first or second individuals

Selection improvement

Step 1

Providing the qualification document that includes, Degree, an integrity test, cognitive ability tests, and background tests

It is essential to ascertain if the individual has acquired the minimum requirement to enter the job.

Step 2 Company experience

It this level the focus is to understand the level of expertise that the individual has one they have proven that they qualify for the job.

Step 3 Performance rating

From the experience that an individual has, it would be essential to understanding their performance over time. It would show how productive the individual is.

Step 4 Interview rating

From the other levels, the interviewer can give an evaluation of how the individual has performed







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