Christ death and resurrection

The two events that the end and the transformation were accomplished separately but were linked up to save humanity. Both death and resurrection are inseparable events in that they are like the weft of the cloth and the warp. Significantly, He paid it all for our sins when he was crucified and shed the blood in the cross of Calvary. According to the book of Isaiah 53:4-8 at the Cross God had to pile all our sins on Jesus, this made Him undergo the punishment because of us. So whenever we sin we crucify Him the second time. Despite the Biblical understanding concerning the death and the resurrection of Christ, many have come up with their own beliefs. I have encountered many of them where have been ministering and others right in the church where I am currently ministering. This had to give me an insight into Interview some of them and get an understanding of their beliefs and look for the way of nurturing them grow spiritually.  I managed to interview three of my church members who gave me their divergent views. The members include:

The first respondent: Kobi Edward

Edward believes that Jesus had to die so that He could transform His human nature to the divine bound view he believes He posses currently. According to him the teaching he received them during his lower primary Christina religious studies and his beliefs them up to the moment. But after a thorough interview and engagements he vowed to search the scriptures and have the facts to enable him to defend any biblical teaching.

According to Edward if Jesus had not come back to life after He had been buried life could have been normal still. This is because; he does not see any change in life between those he studies in history and the current experience. But it seems like he believes in ancestral spirits because according to him, he triumphs in his endeavors because his great grandfather had blessed the family before he died. He only attends the church service because he was invited by his neighbor to come and assemble with us. Therefore, since he started attending ceremony, he has been consistency an indication of a good ending upon thorough teaching.

The ascension of Jesus Christ according to Edward, he believes that Jesus went because He is the only one since the earth was created had arisen after death. There is also no other person of that category in the whole World. Therefore, ascension was to demarcate the boundary between the living and those who had died and resurrected. The only problem with Edward he has never before had an encounter with the Bible or any biblical teachings. He only knows he believes that he grew up w

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