Christianity, War, and Pacifism


For a long time, Christians have had different views when it comes to violence and non-violence. From a historical perspective, there have been different views and practices in Christianity towards war and violence. There are those who belong to the following categories; the nonresilient, the non-christian pacifism, just war theory and the crusaders who believe in holy or preventive war. All these people have different views when it comes to perspectives of war. For instance, the Roman empire adopted a stunt stand against violence and war. However, imitating the sacrifice of life that is also an acknowledgment of violence. Historically, there was the “Just war” concept that limited the use of war and was considered original and acceptable among form of war within the Romans, Christians and the Greeks.  The none roman and  Christians made these proposals after Cicero and Plato had proposed them. It was a concept that was borrowed by the by Christian thinkers including St Augustine.  Still, there are cases where the Christians justify the act of participating in war while in other cases, pacifism is promoted.

how Christianity has been used to justify war and violence

There are numerous instances where the Christians justified was and violence. For those who participated in the battles, they had their concepts about the  “just war” that was accepted earlier even though they warfare was not regarded as an activity that related to the salvation of those who killed in a museum battle. Other ideas such as “holy war” led to consideration for fighting being penitential act or emeritus art that is spiritually accepted mi after the eleventh century.

Perspectives of the bible

The bible has several Texts that describe violence and war. The new testament contains several antidotes of the old testamen

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