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Christianity emerged in the mid 1st century AD. Initially, Christianity was practiced in Jerusalem but later spread to other places. The first Christians were Jewish.  The leader of the early Christians was Jesus. He preached in Jerusalem thus making the Jewish the first Christians. After the death of Jesus, the apostles took over the church and St. Peter became the first pope of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was the only church in those days.

There arose a difficulty of whether the gentiles had to convert to Jewish to be Christians. The apostle’s doctrines brought conflict with the Jewish religious authorities.  These conflicts led to religious wars and unrest.  In an attempt to reform the Catholic Church, some people separated from the Catholic Church and formed the protestant churches in the 16th century.  The Protestants were opposed to some of the apostolic doctrines.  The Christianity religion has evolved over time through assimilation.  Much domination risen in recent times. However, there are only two groups of Christians. The apostles who belong to the early church and the Protestants separated from the apostolic church to form their own church. The two groups practice Christianity but have different views about Faith.

Many denominations exist in the current Christian religion. The names range from nation to nation but the beliefs and practices are similar. The only difference between the apostolic faith and the protestant faith is the practices and beliefs. The Christianity religion is the widely practiced religion in the world.


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