Civil Liberty


Information sharing between the citizens of united states and the federal government agencies are very important; this enables the government to gain access to vital information about the well-being of its citizen. For the government to deliver its services effectively to its citizens, there must be a minister and responsible private agencies that operate on a specific purpose.


As the citizen of the United States, there are some private information’s that are very personal that one can be unwilling to share, but the government insists that for it to provide proper security, they should have access to each information. Although there are some benefits if the government is allowed to access personal information since it will help in preventing terror attacks in many ways before its executed.

Many agencies have set high tech software’s that will encrypt phones data and other personal information for its customers. This was when the customers complained that their privacy is violated

When the government uses CCTV cameras to protect its citizens from any form of harm, there are some who thinks that it’s breaking their privacy. One can be sported on the CCTV cameras and is being forced to testify on a particular incident of which you were unaware. Also, the use of drowns by the government is also a serious issue since the device can expose its citizen unknowingly.


After several attacks especially in 2015 at San Bernadino, the US government forced the Apple Company to unlock a cell phone to gain access to personal information which many people were against the act. Also, the government insists that it should have access to its citizens Facebook account to trace any suspicious communication which is not good at all. This act violets citizen’s privacy.

The information that I am willing to share with the government as a its citizen is where I suspect a terrorist or drug dealers around me, and for the security and safety of my county, I will have to share the information with the police.