Class Workshop Creative Story

Class Workshop Creative Story

It was a hot day and I was relaxing in the house sipping a cold juice that I had just got from the fridge. My eight years old brother was out in the lodge playing. I was seventeen at the time.  I could hear him talking to himself as he rode his new bike. The TV was on and a new advertisement about weight and obesity caught my attention. I concentrated to listen to the new drug being advertised as a cure to overweight mainly because my girlfriend back in school Sandra was overweight and she was working on reducing her weight. I forgot about my younger brother for some time.

Just as the advert ended, I heard the shuttering of glass. It was coming from my parents’ bedroom. I hurriedly rushed to the bedroom only to find a man trying to open the window. He had broken the window and was now trying to open the window from inside. He was able to open the window before I could do anything and on his other hand was a gun. Panic took the better part of me and could not even breathe for some time. The sound of my brother coming back into the house brought me back into my senses. A second glimpse of the man and I could tell he was wearing a mask. I could tell he was not here for robbery rather to assassinate someone.

I hurried back to the living room, took hold of my brother and rushed out of the house. I went straight to the garage for my mother’s car. Luckily, she used to keep a spare car key somewhere in the garage.  As I drove out of the garage, another man emerged from the back of the house. He immediately started shooting at the car. The other man emerged from the house and started shooting at the car. I drove straight for the gate and since it was wooden, it was easy to break it.

We were now on the streets but the men would not give up. They appeared with a land cruiser and continued shooting at us. All that run in my mind was the safety of my brother. He was young and so innocent with a bright future was ahead of him. I could not comprehend an idea of a bullet lodged in his head.  With such thought in my head, I drove like a professional in an illegal car race. There were not many cars on the streets so driving was not hard. Suddenly, a police car emerged from street lane and joined the race. The other men stopped shooting at us but continued chasing us. I thought about stopping to speak to the police but wondered why the police themselves were not stopping them to ask why they were chasing us. The police car was driving very fast trying to overtake us.

All this time, I did not notice that I still had my phone in my pocket.  I was so mad with anger when it rang and a second glimpse at the phone to see who was calling and I ran into a nearby warehouse. Luckily, I was able to hold on to the brakes just before the car collided with the door of the warehouse. None of us was hurt but my phone fell inside the car and there was no time to search for it considering the two cars chasing at us. I got hold of my brother and we got into the warehouse. In no time, the other two cars stopped outside the warehouse.

Four men got out of the cars two from each and I was perplexed to note that all of them were wearing police uniforms. Back in the house, the two men with masks had no police uniform. Now the men who got out of the same car that had been chasing us had police uniform and no facemasks. Guns at hand, they followed us inside the warehouse. The workers busy with their daily choirs were ordered out of the warehouse. The men ordered us to surrender but I had a feeling that they were not real police.

I tried to use the phones at the warehouse but for unknown reasons to me, they were not working. We went to the basement where there were many sacks packed with what I had no time to check out. Luckily, the electricity main switch to the warehouse was in the basement. I immediately switched off the lights. Everything turned dark in the basement. I could hear the sound of the men as they walked to the basement through the stairs. I stumbled on metal rod in the darkness and fell and my brother came down with me but landed on top of me. I could hear the footsteps come close to us and I got hold of the metal rod and got ready to strike.

I heard the men utter some words and they spread out. The warehouse basement was large and since it was dark, the men could not tell where the main switch was. I wondered why the warehouse workers had not called the police but then remembered that the men were dressed like the police.  We were now sitting down under a table and in the darkness, I saw a man just next to the table walking. He walked past us and I had several thoughts in my mind. I directed my brother to continue sign as I stood and followed the man who just walked passed us. I now felt brave as I walked behind the man. In a swift speed, I struck him from behind and he fell down. I returned to where my brother was in a split of a second as the other men came to investigate. The man had made a sound as he fell. Three of the remaining men all came to where their unconscious friend was lying.

After a short dialogue, I heard them agree to search for the main switch to switch on the lights. I was now worried. If they found the switch, things were bad for us. My brother was strong and he held in there. We could not move from under the table because one of the men was standing right there. As I tried to figure out what to do next, the lights came back on and in the confusion, the man next to the table saw us. He pointed the gun at my brother and pulled the trigger and then I woke up sweating. The sun was shining bright through my bedroom window. It was yet another bright morning.


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