Clifford Olson


Clifford Olson was a convicted Canadian serial killer who confessed to the murder of even children and young adults between the ages of 11 years old to eighteen. These incidents occurred in the early 1980s. According to the mental checklist, he scored 38/40. He was born in January 1940 in British Columbia, Canada and diet in 2011 at age 71 years old. The cause of the death was cancer and was convicted to the murder case. The punishment was life imprisonment. His character presents a case study of the s pacific psychological disorder that needs to analyze based on the theories presented. This discussion, therefore, wises the Hirschi’s Social Control Theory of Crime to explain the action of Clifford Olson

Hirschi’s Social Control Theory of Crime states that an individual identifies the weakness of the society and utilize that opportunity to do the crime without being noticed due to the inability of the community to figure out the source of the offense. It explains the process of socialization and social learning to build self-control and reduce the inclination that would enable one to indulge in that are associated with being antisocial. His theory is driven by the functionalist approach that developed three types of control.

These include the direct control in which punishment is threatened or applied in case of wrong behavior. The compliance, however, is rewarded by the parent family and the authority. The indirect control is done by identifying those who influence the behavior. The third control is the internal that which the consequence of the behavior mater. This theory, therefore, explains why individuals decide to engage in particular bad behaviors without the fear of authority since they cannot discover and punish. The, therefore, stipulate that people beliefs, norms and values become the critical components in the control of criminal activities.

moreover, further analysis of the theory reveals that in a case where the moral codes are internalized, and individuals are tied and have a role in the community they will limit they are likely to commit a crime. The theory, therefore, seeks to understand the possible ways of reducing criminology development in an individual. Consequently, it does not take into account the motives and issues of the crime, but rather it is for the belief that the human has a choice on the limit of activities to engage in.. It, therefore, advocates the importance of social morality as a way of controlling the operations of man and his or her choices on the kinds of activities to engage in.

Hirschi’s Social Control Theory explains the actions of Clifford Olson based on his choices to engage in the crime. It is a fact that he was in his sound mind when he chose to indulge in criminal activities of murder and rape of his victims. Clifford was brought up in associate with control, and that does not have strong punishment in prison makes him ready to indulge in criminal activities. Furthermore, the fact that he did not easily cough once he committed the crimes gave him the courage and morale to kill his victims.  This factor indicates that the drive to determine such murder crime b was because of the choice to rape the young adults and children who hi did not want to revels the information to the authority.

Based on the explanation of the lifestyle of Clifford Olson, it becomes clear that he was an individual who never care about the morals and the respect to his wife, in most cases, he threatened his wife that he would cut her throat. He was careless in the way he scattered bottles of alcohol in the house without taking responsibility. The fact that he was out of control and did not have the moral and principle of life makes the Hirsch’s Social Control Theory be the best explanation for the actions. Moreover, the theory states that individuals who are not in good moral status and does not take responsibility to the society are more likely to engage in crime than those who are guided by the morals of the nation and the duties towards the community. It makes Clifford alone of the serial killers who are not concerns about the ethics and morality of the society.


Clifford   Olson becomes a common explanation of cases of most serial killers in the world. Even though he did not have any brain defection, the lack of social morality and the inability to internalize the need to keep the norms of the society makes it one of the most common reasons for him killing his victims.  action is explained by Hirsch’s Social Control Theory explains this action. . This theory put stress on social norms and the ability to maintain a useful life by obeying the principle of society. Lack of such tenets becomes the leading causes of many crimes in the community. It was exhaling the actions of  Clifford Olson.