Cloud Deployment Models

eBay Inc. is a multi-national company that enhances consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales through the use of the website. Neither the buyers nor the sellers knowabout the networks; which is a cloud. Assuming that I was designing a web portal for eBayInc., there are various deployment models that I would choose. The review, therefore, focuses on the deployment models. Additionally, thepaper focuses on how I would design the cloud.

There are various cloud deployment models that I would choose. Public clouds model; this is a cloud environment owned by a third-party cloud provider. In public clouds, the information technology resources are mainly commercialized through revenues or offered to the consumers at a cost. In a public deployment model, the cloud provider creates and ensurethe ongoing maintenance of the public cloud and its information technology resources. In this type of deployment, the service provider makes funds available to the public through the internet (Mell, 2011). The resources include virtual machines, applications, and storage capabilities. The private cloud; this is the other type of deployment that I would use in the company. This is a type of implementation used by a single organization. The deployment helps a company to use cloud computing technology as a method of centralizing access to information technology resources by departments, locations and different parts of the organization. This kind of deployment exists as a controlled environment; thereare no challenges experienced when delivering the service. Community cloud; this is a cloud similar to the public cloud; the only difference is that its access is limited to individual consumers or specific community (Mell, 2011). This deployment may be jointly owned by a third-party cloud provider or the community members that provide a public cloud with minimal access. Hybrid cloud; this is the last deployment model that I would use in this case,it is a cloud environment consisting of two or more different cloud computing models. An example is when the cloud consumer may choose to deploy cloud services processing less sensitive information to a private cloud and deploy more sensitive information to a public cloud.

The following are ways in which I would design the cloud; deciding what I want out of the cloud. This is the first stage in designing; here, one needs to be realistic about cloud computing goals. The promises of virtualization such as cost saving and center consolidation need to be considered. There are very few individuals who are ready to work on organizational changes and handle customer problems such as security and management, duplication of services and silos. It is, therefore, essential to outline the goals before laying the foundation (Wu, 2012). The next step when designing has realistic expectations; here, the person should expect the cloud journey to be less of technical problems and more personalissues. The designing team, therefore, needs to promote standardization, automate routine tasks and recreate processes. The 3rd step is understanding enterprise workloads and services.It would be difficult to build the cloud without knowing the services on which the companies convey. It is, therefore, essential to keep track of service level agreement or decipher relationship among system. The other step is getting on the virtualization path; here, a dialogue is created between virtualization, storage, and network administrator. The last step is enhancing standardization and automation; the designing team needs to know that standardization and automation go hand in hand. There is, therefore, a need to ensure the installation of application software and middleware that enhances standardization and automation.



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