Colonel Ulysses was born in 1824; he was a union army colonel during the era of American civil war. Ulysses was appointed as the brevet brigadier general of volunteers in 1866. He later died in the year 1893.

Ulysses Doubleday was the son of the War veteran, Ulysses F. Doubleday, and a brother to the union army major general Abner Doubleday (Barthel, 2014). Before the civil war broke out, Ulysses was a broker and a banker in the United States.

When the civil wars started, Colonel Ulysses volunteered at the beginning and served in several commands. His first appointment came in 1862 where he was commissioned as the major of the 4th New York volunteer heavy artillery (Casstevens, 2002). This position allowed him to serve as a staff of his older brother, major general Abner Doubleday. Ulysses was later appointed as the Lieutenant Colonel of the 3rd United States Colored Infantry in the year 1863. He served in this rank up to the year 1864 where he was later promoted to Colonel and commander of the 45th United States Colored Troops. Due to his excellent service in the civil wars, he was honored for “meritorious service” in the year 1865. Here, he was honored for the four good years of service in the army. After the civil war ended, Ulysses Doubleday became a prosperous stockbroker in the New York city (Taylor, 2001). He also became a member of the Saint Nicholas Society of New York and a member of the Union League in New York. He later died in 1893 (aged 68) in Tryon, North Carolina and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, New York in the United States.




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