Commercialization of Robo-taxis on American Roads

Commercialization of Robo-taxis on American Roads

Technology has developed rapidly in the last few decades. Due to technology, there has been a massive improvement in the transportation sector. Many companies have now moved to e-technology, and they are producing cars which are controlled by machines. The vehicles are programmed so that when they are on roads, they don’t need a human assistant. Most companies use drivers when they are testing the cars only just in case of an emergency. Through the commercialization of Robo taxis services in America, which is seen as a driverless mode of vehicles, it has improved transportation among many citizens because the cars will have to pick you and take you wherever you are going, and the same vehicle will pick you to your desired destination.

Through the deployment of Robo-taxis in the American roads it has helped in the reduction of traffics on major highways, there is an improvement in road safety because this will reduce cases of road accidents. Researchers have stated that in the near future, most cars will be operating autonomously, and instead of using the fuel it will be operating electronically this will lead to the reduction of air pollution. Also, cars will be shared publicly because it will reduce the number of owners. Through the commercialization of the robotic-cars, many people have been left jobless. This is because robots will operate most cars and there will be no need of having a driver. Apart from people losing their jobs, also the most petrol station might count loses since most cars will not be using petrol. So this innovation will lead to most people becoming jobless.robo-taxis will lead to a decrease in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)through the reduction of the fleet operators.

Since the introduction of Robo-taxi in the market, many people are yet to use or explore them. And the company is taking reasonable measures to ensure that proper comfort and convenience to its riders. Using a self-driven car is more comfortable and exciting too. A person needs to order for a taxi it comes picks you up are then you are driven wherever you want around the city with an affordable amount of money. Also, the Robo-taxis are designed in a way that if the customer wants to change his destination, they only need to ask the computer because they are programmed to communicate with the client. The Robo-taxi is very useful in the modern days because not only has it made transportation easy it has also helped in reducing theft cases. This is because a person can decide to transport his luggage through self-driven cars. For example, if I want to take my huge amount of money to the bank, I will be more comfortable if I am using the Robo-taxi because I believe in case of any theft or carjacking incident it will be reported immediately before it is too late. Unlike the public vehicles where it is not very safe to be transporting cash and other valuable goods.

Most Robo-taxis are operating in the urban centers because it is highly populated and business will do well in cities than in rural areas. Almost half the population of humanity leaves in the city so that is why most companies will do their car testing in the cities also because there are good roads. The emergence of Robo-taxis has enabled many people to save since it is cost effective. And comparing using Robo-taxi and owning a personal car a person will prefer using Robo-taxi. Also, the advantage Robo-taxi has is that it helps people who usually find it hard to drive themselves in case they were going on a long-distance trip. Since the car is self-driven electronically, one has to relax, and in no time he will reach his destination.

Since robot taxi is programmed in that they operate on their own without a driver, sometimes it has its own disadvantages. The system might be hacked and this will lead to the destruction of the all system and the company might go into a loss since people will not trust the innovation anymore. Through cyber-attack, most systems are usually hacked by the competitors or just criminals who would want to destroy the company. Also, the system might fail, and this will affect all the operation of the company. The company will incur huge loss because customers will not be able to access the Robo-taxi services since their system will not be operating. This might inconvenience most of the clients who were used to their services. And through this most people might lose interest in their services.

According to the research on the importance of Robo-taxis, this services has more advantages to the citizens because Robo-taxi decreases the cost of transportation. And in the other hand, it increases accessibility to people with lower income in that through the introduction of its services the owners of the public transport sector will be forced to lower their prices to compete in the market. This will be favoring the people with low household incomes. Secondly, people with disabilities will not have issues when traveling since the Robo-taxi cars are very comfortable for them; through this, it has enabled in many not to go and struggle in public vehicles.

During the introduction of Robo-cars, the manufacturers believed that it would be of benefit to the country and the community at large, first, the cars were designed to reduce congestion in most roads since these cars are designed in a smaller size than the commercial vehicles. Also traffic on major roads will improve because traffic jams usually inconvenience many people in terms of accidents, the Robo-taxis will reduce cases of accidents because most accidents generally occur due to fatigue of the driver and since robots drive these cars there will be no cases of accidents.also it will help people during bad weather. This is because during rainy seasons many people have difficulties in moving from one place to another, so the self-driven cars will be convenient on that time because one will only need to request for one and it will come for you on your doorstep.

Most companies are now racing for the implementation of self-driving cars. For example, car models like Jaguar and GM are now producing their self-driven car models. And Wymo is now driving their vehicles without the assistance of the driver. This has led to the conclusion that in the coming years we are likely to have many self-driven cars in our cities. And once it has been achieved, there will be a tremendous change because the number private cars will decrease since many people will be comfortable with the self-driving vehicles so there will be no need of having your personal car anymore.