Communication Differences in Males and Females

Women and men may have similar experiences, expertise, educational background, or work in the same environment but they have different approaches to communication. The differences in their communication styles can sometimes affect relationships by causing misunderstandings.

One of the differences in communication style used by men and women is seen in how they give orders. Several women are associated with the culture of relationship harmony. Studies indicate that women try to soften their statements and demands when giving orders (Gray, 2014). However, men are more direct in their approach to giving orders. Another difference between male and female communication styles is on information and emotions. Women always like joining through conversations (Gray, 2014).

On the other hand, men prefer connecting through action. When a woman wants to communicate, she often wants to express her thoughts and emotions to other people but on the contrary, men talks when they want to disclose or share their suggestions or ideas. Women are more likely to talk to others about their problems or whe

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