Compare and Contrast Summaries

1st Reading: America’s Child Poverty Crisis

The text extensively examines the issue of American Child Poverty crisis as one of the biggest social justice challenges the country is facing and cuts across the country in almost all states. The author starts by putting it clear that child poverty among the black is among the top issues causing the increased tension between the police and the black communities living in urban centers. The issue is examined regarding its current context in American considering the extent in which child poverty has stricken the country, the effects, steps are taken, and what the country can do to address the issue. A sharp comparison is presented on how the United States has and is handling the child poverty among the black people and how other countries deal with the issue and any possibility that some fruitful approaches can be adopted. Hence, the text addresses the United States government with the purpose of presenting an accurate picture of the state of black American child poverty and the way the issue can be handled in the best ways.

In the United States according to the survey, between 10 and 17 million children who fall below 18 years live in poverty. The number is much higher when compared to other developed countries since the UNICEF 2012 report indicates that on the international platform, one in every five children in the United States lives under poverty representing twenty percent of children

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