Comparing Plato’s Allegory of the cave to a real-life situation

In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, human beings were trapped their entire life in a cave. Their life existed only on their eyes as they had no freedom. Their only source of inspiring views of the universe was the puppets and intellectual nose.  Even when the prisoners get out, they are not happy as they know no better life than that of the prison. When the prisoners break out of the cave, they discover sun which is used to show the inability of the man to see behind. There is a similarity also in the prisoners who are manipulated by others to the extent that they cannot make sound decisions even if they have a chance. In society, people are chained by ignorance, and they end up experiencing challenges in dealing with problems that impact their daily life.

This allegory is related to what is happening to the society which is filled with lies. The World is the cave, the prisoners are the people, and the chains are ignorance. In Allegory, the prisoners were in a cave and even when they got a chase to get out they found out that the world was different from their perceptions. This is similar to what happens in the society for example when one is faced with a problem that they have to handle. In the cave described by Plato when prisoners get out of the cave, they find out that the World is not as they perceived (Heidegger 173). The world is the cave where the people's expectations as perceived in their minds is not always the

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